Misumi Bihaku Wonder Bleach Review

by - 3/31/2018 12:00:00 PM

Having a whiter and even white skin tone has been my dream of all time. I have an acne prone skin and been taking anti pimple treatments since teenager. These treatments made my sheds off layers of the skin thus making my face whiter than the rest of my body. I started to use whitening soaps in 2012 to help lighten my body skin tone. Last year, Cheska's Store was kin enough to send me one their best selling products which is the Misumi Bihaku Wonder Bleach which many raved about.  I remembered getting lots of queries when I first posted this whitening product on my socials. So let me go ahead and share if this product would make you wonder if it's really effective or not.

Misumi Bihaku Wonder Bleach aims to improve skin imperfections such as pimples, blackheads, whitehead, prickly heat, dark spots, freckles, pigmentation, pregnancy marks and other skin discoloration that may cause by sun exposure and aging. With excellent formulation using only 100% active and safe ingredients, it will delight the senses and leave your skin softer, younger and fairer.

Ingredients: Niacinamide, Stearyl Alcohol, Cethyl Alcohol, Petrolatum, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Glutathione, Collagen, Vitamin A, C and E, aloe vera extract, jojoba oil, grapeseed extract, tea tree extract and rosehip oil

Packaging comes in a white huge tub. 1 tub is 300g and priced for Php500 at Cheska's Store. 
The scent smells like bubblegum which I really love! Consistency is cream, non - runny. 

How to Use: Clean the skin before applying bihaku wonder bleach. Put an ample amount of bleach to your desired are and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse with fresh water. For best results, start with one application then gradually increase to three times daily if needed. Reduce application when peeling occurs. 

*I started to use this last January 2018
*I use this once a day for 3-4x a week (I only use this during rest days since I'm always in a rush when I go to work)
*Only used this for my body
*I apply a thin layer of the product using a spatula and brush to spread on the dry skin (mostly on my neck, arms and legs) and leave it for 15-20 mins while I play Mobile Legends. haha
*I use my d-i-y Epsom salts with essentials oils (I got from Couchwasabi's Love Is In The Air Essential Oils event last February) to scrub the product. (Recommended to use this!!)
*Felt a cooling sensation after the product was applied. 

Watch my video review on my Youtube Channel below:

- Made my skin visibly lighter after use 
- Soft and smooth skin (especially when you use the d-i-y Epsom salt) 
- Permanent skin whitening 
- Bubblegum scent 
- Cooling sensation
- A little goes a long way (I only apply thin layer)
- No peeling effect on my skin (maybe because I only use this 3-4x in a week)
- Huge tub
- Affordable

- Not travel friendly

In 3-4 months of using this, already half way done with this tub and I'm glad that I'm seeing the permanent whitening result on my skin. My goal is to make my body skin tone closer to my facial skin tone and I'm slowly seeing those effects. I do recommend using an Epsom salt to scrub the bleach after to easily remove the product and makes your skin soft and smooth as well. I think it's affordable too given that 1 tub will really last long. I read that it can cause micro peeling and when experienced, one must only use this at 2x a week. Though I didn't experienced any micro peeling maybe because I only use this for 3-4x a week. Currently still using this one and I'll make an update again when I see other results. 
Misumi Bihaku Wonder Bleach is available at Cheska's Store. For more info, you may contact them here: 
Facebook: http://facebook.com/cheskasstore 
Website: http://cheskasstore.net 
IG: @cheskasstore 
Email: cheskasstore@yahoo.com 
Contact num: 0916 582 8800 

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Cheska's Store. I'm not paid to make this review and the product was sent for me to try. My reviews are based on my own experience so keep in mind that while a product may work for me, it may or may not necessarily work for you. I do hope you find my review helpful since all my reviews are 100% honest.

How about you? Have you tried this one? Or any recommendations you like to share? Pls don't hesitate to leave your comments down below. Hope to hear from you. :) Thanks for reading :)  

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