image I am Nicole Faller currently living in Manila Philippines. I’m currently working as a Registered Nurse who loves sharing her FOOD experiences as well as some BEAUTY tips and products I currently love. A few times, I also share tidbits of my LIFE and anything in between.
image I started blogging in 2005, starting the blog in Friendster. After a while, moved to Live Journal. By 2006, I started to blog in Xanga for almost 4 years, mostly my college years. Then in 2010, I started blogging in Tumblr, mostly reblogged posts only. Finallly in 2011, I started blogging personal posts again in Tumblr.
image I love photoshoots, makeups, pink, floral, movies and foods.
image I started cosplaying in late 2010 until 2011. I was on hiatus for awhile then came back in 2013. Currently hiatus again for 2014. I just do fashion photo shoots when I have time.
image For more info, querries or collabs, kindly email me at: pinkislovebynix@yahoo.com ♥♥♥