Vitress Hair Freshener Review

by - 3/12/2018 12:00:00 PM

As a nurse who’s always working an 8-16 hour per shift, staying fresh as much as I can be is a must. Usually after an 8-hour shift, my hair starts smells unpleasant and sometimes feels icky even when I’m working in an airconditioned room and even shampooed my hair well. Sometimes, hair tends to absorb the scent of the environment such as pollution, smoke or dirt thus having a smelly hair.
Good thing Vitress released a Hair Freshener that eliminated unwanted odors and keeps the hair fresh, smooth and shiny. I’ve been a fan of Vitress products such as their Hair Polish (which I used when I was in college) and their Cuticle Coat which I’m using for 6-7 year already. Their Hair Freshener was released last and I must admit, their packaging really caught my eye plus I was also looking for an affordable hair freshener. Though it was then around November or December that I got myself a bottle of this since it’s wasn’t always available on the local stores near our area.

It comes in a 50ml plastic bottle spray with floral decors. Priced for Php55 which is very affordable. The product is transparent and the scent smells floral. Consistency feels like water with a little moisture. Scent only lasted for 1 hour though.

It’s very easy to use. Just hold the bottle 6 inches away from the head and spray on a dry, damp or styled hair. It instantly leaves a fresh feeling on your hair plus makes my hair smooth and shiny.
Already on my 2nd bottle, I say that I totally love this product especially when I’m on my duty or when I go out for a long time. Very affordable and easy to bring around. Recommended for all the girls out there! 😊

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  1. Hindi ko pq ntry yan sis. mas ok sya sa cuticle coat. muka din mas mdali gamitin. 😍

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