Get Closer with CloseUp Fresh Attraction in Arctic Shock & Oxyrush

by - 3/02/2018 12:00:00 PM

A few months ago, I came across a toothpaste survey on my Facebook feed and answered it. Then just last January, I was surprised to receive a package from Try and Review Site. I got selected as one of their reviewers of Close Up Fresh Attraction toothpaste. Been wanting to try this new toothpaste from them since I first saw them on the supermarket last year. 

Close Up Fresh Attraction Toothpaste launched in the Philippines last 2017 with 2 new flavors. 

Closeup Fresh Attraction Arctic Shock Toothpaste (Blue) with an Arctic Menthol Mouthwash Formula and Ice Crystals. It has an icy cold and minty flavor

Closeup Fresh Attraction Oxyrush ToothpasteOxyrush (Green) with Glacier Fresh Mouthwash Formula and Crystal Frost. It has a sweet and fruity taste. 

Both toothpaste feels so good on the teeth as it provides fresh feeling after use and even lasts for hours. It actually gives me confidence to get closer to my loved ones for a longer period.
Thank you TryandReview PH for letting me try this one! And also thank you for choosing me as one of the winners! Yay! 
You may check out their site as they have lots of products for you to try.  
You may check the links below: 
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