L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation Review (Holy Grail Product!!!)

by - 3/09/2018 09:38:00 AM

Hello girls! It’s been a while since I last shared a makeup review and so glad that I’m finally back! Also, I’ve been meaning to share this review with you since last year but was so busy with LIFE. Still busy but back on track. Yay!
One of the most raved foundation last year was the L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24hr Foundation which is a long wearing foundation that gives off a demi - matte finish. It is air light and oil free and provide medium to full coverage.

The packaging comes in a 30ml squeeze tube. Regular price is Php700 but I got it for Php525 during the sale last August 2017. I still use the same tube for 7 months already. 

The scent  has a generic foundation/powder scent. I know this line has a wide variety of shades but I believe they first released only 5 shades which are suitable for Filipina skin tones here in the Philippines. As much as I wanted to try this foundation that time,  I didn't take the risk of buying one since the lightest shade that time was dark for me. It was then last year that they released 2 lighter shades that why I got a chance to buy one. I got the 102 Shell Beige which is just the right shade for me. 
It provides medium to full coverage. Even though I do have lots of blemishes and hyper pigmentation, I just apply 1 layer only and then at times, I use it as a concealer if needed. 

It has a creamy texture and when applied, it immediately sets on the skin. You really have to blend really fast when you apply this to your face. My tip is I portion my face into 5 parts when blending. I apply and blend first my forehead, right side of face, left side, nose area then lastly the chin area. I find it easier to use a sponge or beauty blender when applying this. 

Finish is matte and powdery which I really like since I have an oily type of skin. Please take note that it doesn't give off a natural finish since it really looks like you're wearing a full makeup even when I only apply 1 layer of foundation. 

Longevity: Usually after 2 hours, my t-zone already starts to oil up but when I use this foundation, it helps controls my oil up to 4 hours. Oil starts to build up after 4 hours. I usually retouch after 8 hours. At 12 hours, makeup may look a bit cakey but still manageable. This foundation controls the oil on my t-zone and still look matte even when I commute in a humid weather. This is also the foundation I use when I go to events since it really last long. Tested and proven since I've been using this 7 month already. 


Watch my video review on my Youtube Channel below:
- Semi to matte finish
- Great oil control 
- Medium to full coverage
- Covers blemishes well
- Longevity
- No breakouts
- Highly recommended for oily skin

- A bit expensive for me
- It easily sets on the skin
- Not recommended for dry skin
- Can sometimes accentuate dry patches

Been using this foundation for 7 months already and I can say that this product is my HOLY GRAIL foundation as it really helped control my oil especially on my t-zone area. I don't need to retouch most of the time when I use this and if even if I do, it still looks good. I also love the medium to full coverage that sometimes I don't need to use concealer anymore as it already provides the coverage that I want. Even though I have an oily type of skin, at times, it accentuate dry patches especially when I'm peeling due to the skin care products I use. My advice it to use a toner or primer before using this. Also to make the foundation last longer, I use my holy grail primer, Quickfx No Shine Mattifier. This product is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for oily skin. 

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