First Time Tampon User and Why I'm Switching To Ladouce Tampons?

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Summer's near and that means that I got to be beach ready. One of worries of planning a beach trip is the menstrual period which comes in an unpredictable time. I remembered being worried on my last beach trip since I had a heavy period during that time. I'm a napkin user ever since and it's also my first time going swimming while on a period. Since it's my first time swimming with a period, I consulted my friends regarding on how to handle having a period while swimming. They recommended to use a tampons though we didn't know how to use or where to purchase. And since that was hours before my trip, I didn't get to chance to buy one for myself. So imagine, how awkward and hard for me to wear a napkin while swimming on a beach.

Fast forward to March (as of writing this entry), a few weeks ago,  I got to chance to try my FIRST EVER TAMPONS from Ladouce Tampons PH. First timers like me would relate to this as I was a bit hesitant to try it at first. I have a lot of questions in mind though was so curious if this really works. 

Ladouce tampons provides a soft, safe and secure period. It is made of body friendly, high absorbent natural materials (soft silk viscose, non-chlorine bleached and 100% biodegradable). They are designed to be easily worn into the vagina during the periodical menstruation to fulfill it’s aim of absorbing female menstrual flow. 

There are 3 available sizes for every menstrual flow.

- For very light to light menstrual flow
- Absorbs 6 - 9 grams of menstrual blood.
- Best for the first time tampon user. 

- For moderate menstrual flow
- Absorbs 9-12 grams of menstrual blood

- For heavy menstrual flow
- Absorbs 12-15 grams of menstrual blood

Mini (Php374 - 32 tampons)
Normal (Php395 - 32 tampons)
Super (Php419 - 32 tampons) 
You can also try their 3 boxes Ladouce (Mini, Normal, Super - 48 tampons) for only Php519

Why Switch to Tampons?
1. Using tampons is actually SAFE for you body because it is made of 100% natural, soft, and sterile body-friendly materials like viscose and a cotton string.  
2. It also helps avoid skin irritation or rashes. 
3. Tampons protects you from leaks thus can be used during swimming or during sports activities. 
4. With this, you can actually choose to wear any kind of clothing. No worries of bulging napkin on your jeans, shorts or skirt. 
5. Tampons are small and easy to carry around. 
6. When inserted correctly, you won't even feel that the tampon is in your body. It is very comfortable to use. 

How To Use:
You can actually use the tampons from the first day of period until the last. It is easier to insert a tampon on a 1st day as it easily glides. For first timers, it is recommended to use a MINI sized one. You can use the tampons even when you're sleeping during 6-8 hours. You can change the tampon after 6-8 hours. 

At first, I was hesitant inserting the tampon but after a few tries, I successfully inserted the tampon easily. It's better to relax and take a deep breath upon inserting the tampon. I was uneasy at first since this is a foreign object for me but I eventually got used to it and even forgot that I am wearing one. It's comfortable compared to napkins since I won't have to bother if I'll have a leakage. Also,  I like that I can easily move even on my heavy period. According to the site, the tampon can used between 6-hours but I prefer to change the tampons immediately after 4-5 hours regardless of the day of the period. I do this to avoid having TSS and also for hygienic purposes. The tampons itself absorbs well the menstrual fluids without any leakage. 


What is TSS? 
Toxic Shock Syndrome is a condition caused by certain types of Staphylococcus bacteria and is very rare to contract. These bacteria become dangerous when they are in an environment that allows them to grow quickly, which causes them to produce toxins. This can happen when you leave any sanitary product in or on for way longer than intended: pads, cups etc. as well. It has never been proven scientifically that wearing a tampon can cause TSS.

Watch my video review on my Youtube Channel below:

Is It Worth It?
I know I've only used this during my recent period but glad to say that now I prefer using tampons over napkins. When I first posted the Ladouce tampons on my socials, some of my friends messaged and commented that they also use tampons over the years. That's when I realized that I have friends who prefers using tampons. In the Philippines, napkins are used instead of tampons maybe because of lack of knowledge about these. Maybe they also think that tampons are expensive though I think there's not much difference on the price given that the tampons are more convenient and comfortable to use. Planning to bring this on my beach trip! 

For more info about Ladouce Tampons, you may click the links below:

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  1. Hindi ko pa ntry yan hehe natatakot din ako pero once ntry na siguro wala na ang pangamba hehe.

  2. Very accurate information about tampons in your blog. It is very helpful to all women. Thanks for postiong and shearing with us.
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