Current Favorite Lipsticks from Maybelline

by - 4/25/2018 12:00:00 PM

I'm not a fan of using lip sticks not until I first tried applying one in 2016. Yes, you heard it right. I'm more of a lip tint girl before and I never bought lip stick until I bought one from Maybelline brand which is the famous Touch of Spice and Divine Wine shade. Wowed that these made me look like a different person and ever since, I got in love with lip sticks. 
Fast forward to 2018 wherein I now collect Maybelline lip sticks in nude and red shades. Though still trying not to hoard that much since sometimes I feel bad for only using those on special occasions since they're truly precious lip sticks for me. Haha Maybelline expands their lip stick shades every year and it gets better! If only I can buy all the shades I like! haha But today, I'll be sharing my 3 favorite shades that I've been using since last year.

It was around September 2017 when I bought the Maybelline Toasted Brown (The Powder Mattes), Rosewood Red (The Powder Mattes) and Chili Nude (The Creamy Mattes) and since then they've been my ultimate go-to and favorite shades! 

Toasted Brown - warm nude shade with a hint of peachy tone. I like using this when I got to our head office or for interviews for that subtle makeup look. It's also a good everyday lipstick. 

Rosewood Red - deep reddish with a hint of dark purple shade. I prefer using this during casual days and I always get compliments when I use this shade. I love dark red shades as I think it compliments my skin tone well. I also prefer wearing this as an ombre lip instead. 

Chili Nude - bright peachy shade but can be nude peachy when used as an ombre instead. I prefer using this when I feel so positive and bright. Haha Sometimes, I also like to combine other shades with this one because I think it compliments brown or red shades well. It's a perfect peachy shade especially this summer! 

The creamiest and easiest to apply is the Toasted Brown even though it's under the Powder Matte lines. The Chili Nude also is easy to apply and glides well on the lips. Even though Rosewood Red is under The Powder Matte, I don't know why at times it's making my lips drier when I apply this shade. All shades are highly pigmented that's why I only apply small amount then spread it using my fingers for that ombre lips. Though I prefer using full lip on Toasted Brown shade. All feels comfortable on the lips and non drying. Depending on my lips, sometimes it's matte finish at times it's little satin finish. 
Since I've already used this a lot, the longevity depends but it's wearable up to 8 hours without retouch with minimal eating and drinking. 

Regular price are Php299/each but I think I bought mine during the sale (Php199/each). Maybelline always has a sale so better wait for it and buy these at sale price instead.

Until now, I still have these lip sticks since again, I'm only using these during special occasions or events. Will definitely recommend this shade and even this line to every girls who love affordable lip sticks. They have great selection of shades at an affordable price. Will definitely buy this again and recommend Maybelline. :)

How about you? Have you used this product? What do you think about it? Let me know your thoughts below. :)

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  1. Meron ako nung toasted brown sis 😍

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