FOODTRIP(175): Papa Kim's Korean Bakery and Coffee, Tomas Morato

by - 7/11/2018 12:00:00 PM

Anneyoung! I'm back again with a food review starting with a Korean Bakery I visited a few weeks ago. With the Korean culture, food and Kpop influence rising in the Philippines, no wonder we see a lot of Korean restaurants and shops nowadays. I'm a huge fan of Korean dishes and restaurant but I honestly haven't been to any Korean bakery yet. Imagine my excitement when I visited Papa Kim's Korean Bakery and Coffee in Tomas Morato.

Papa Kim's Korean Bakery and Coffee offers different hand-crafted breads, cakes, frappes, bingsu and even rice meals! All their breads are hand-crafted and freshly baked. They've been in the market for years already and they now have 4 branches: Tomas Morato, Banawe, Antipolo and Ayala Malls The 30th.

Upon coming, I was welcomed with heaven of breads and cakes! The place is very welcoming and I personally loved the K-pop music filling in. There's a lot of different breads in all sizes and shapes. Most of the breads are very affordable.

Aside from breads, they also have yummy cakes on the other side plus their famous Bear Breads too! They also offer different meals, sandwiches, frappes and of course, bingsu!

Here's the MENU on their counter: (click to enlarge)

Here's what we ordered: 

Korean Spicy Chicken Rice Bowl (Php180)
- Their spicy chicken was tasty; the meat was tender and cooked very well. Not a fan of spicy foods but I like that the spicy flavor isn't that empowering thus just adding a little kick to the dish. Though, if you want a spicier one, I think you can ask them to adjust the spiciness level. 

Creamy Pesto Pasta Shrimp (Php275)
- The pasta is creamy and tastes good! 

Cream Cheese Cake (Php120) 
- Perfectly baked! Their cream cheese just melts in my mouth and really tastes so good! This is recommended!!

Brown Bear Bread (Php49) and White Bear Bread (Php55)
- They have 5 different flavors of Bear Bread with fillings inside. The Brown Bear has a chocolate filling inside while the White Bear has a custard filling. The fillings have the right amount of sweetness (not too sweet) which I really liked since I'm not a fan of too much sweet.

Cream Puffs

Java Chips Frappe (Small - Php140)
- Coffee based frappe, I like that their Java Chip sweetness level was just right for me.

Roasted Almond Butterscotch (Small - Php140)
- My friend liked this one a lot! Not too sweet.

Iced Caramel Macchiato (Small - Php120)
- Because coffee is life, I ordered another coffee for myself. It has a little bitter taste on it with milky taste afterwards.

Red Bean with Green Tea Bingsu (Medium - Php150) 
- Huuuuuuge servings for a medium size! The crushed ice was so thin and you won't even know that's a shaved ice at all! It tastes like an ice cream but better. Since I'm a matcha/green tea lover, I'm very much biased on this flavor as it really tastes good! Sadly, I couldn't finish it all since I'm already full at that time plus was feeling a little cold due to the air con.

Very Berry K-sserts (Php80)
- One of their newest desserts, this is an ice cream with nitro thingy on the bottom part. When served, you'll definitely enjoy the smokes on the ice cream. Price is very affordable!

We also got our breads for take-out. I got to try the breads after 2 days and it still tastes good! 

During our visit, I noticed that they have A LOT of customers ordering here for take-out and seems most of them are a regular customer. It's a place that one would really come back. I really enjoyed the foods and ambiance here especially the K-pop videos and music!! The foods are good and the prices are affordable and within the budget. No wonder they now have 4 branches to bring their Korean bakery close to everyone's home. Hopefully they'll also have a branch in Marikina! :) 

By the way, I want to thank Ms. Macy and Papa Kim's for inviting me here. And also to Jump for accompanying me here. : 

Papa Kim's Korean Bakery and Coffee
Located at: 264 Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Phone number: +63 917 586 9734
Opens at: 8am - 11pm, Mon-Sun

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