Where to Go in Puerto Galera: White Beach + Casa Mia Ristorante Italiano Restaurant

by - 7/24/2018 12:00:00 PM

After going to Aninuan Beach during our 2nd day stay at Puerto Galera, we visited the famous White Beach. I’ve been to Puerto Galera twice but I never seen the White Beach during day time. Also, I wanted to explore and experience the sunset here.

We went here at around 5pm already and there were lots of people in this beach. We decided to explore the beach while waiting for the sunset and walked until the end of the strip. There’s a lot of people going to the other side so I got curious and walked that way. It looks near but it’s far! It’s even hard to walk fast since the sand is dragging my feet. At this area, I believe it’s not allowed to swim here because of the current or the waves. I badly want to swim at the White Beach but the waves were huge just like in Aninuan. Please it was windy and I really felt chilly. We decided to experience the sunset instead. Just chill by the beach and talk about life.

Sunset at the White Beach.

After that, we decided to have our dinner at Casa Mia Italiano Restaurant. I’ve been here last year and the food was great so we decided to come back here. The restaurant is located at the end side of the beach. The view is good though!

Last year, we stayed at Casa Mia Resort near Aninuan Beach. I met the owner and he’s an Italian who lives here with his family for years. He has a restaurant on their resort and in White Beach. They served legit Italian dishes.

Price are a bit expensive but hey, we don’t experience dining at an Italian Restaurant with the beach as our view while hearing the waves, right?

Here’s what we ordered:

Dishes here are made of quality ingredients and it really taste good. I’m a huge fan of pasta that’s why I love their Lasagna. It was perfectly baked and it has a lot of meat inside. The pizza is also good and huge! We didn’t finish it all! Haha I do recommend this restaurant when you visit the White Beach. Legit Italian food experience!

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