Where to Eat in Puerto Galera: Badladz Beach Resort

by - 7/22/2018 03:00:00 PM

Last June 18-20, 2018, I went back to Puerto Galera for a vacation. We stayed at Squares Beachfront Apartments though they only serve breakfast meals. We went to the nearby resort/restaurant which is the Badladz Beach Resort.
Their restaurant is spacious and have a beach view. 

The menu is a mix of affordable and a little expensive one. They have an online MENU available HERE. Serving time can be a bit long maybe because there were only few staffs around.

Here’s what we ordered:
Both dishes were good for 2-3 persons! It’s a little bit over the budget but the servings were huge! Their 1 cup of rice is equivalent to 2 cups of rice in Manila. Haha The dishes were delicious and cooked well. The Spicy Mixed Seafood (Php340) is spicy though tasty. Pork Sinigang (Php260) is okay too! Huge servings! While the Iced Cofee (Php100) is okay also. 

There are mixed reviews with this restaurant due to the price I guess. Though, some dishes are expensive though some are just okay. It depends on what you will order though if you’re on a budget, I do recommend the meals below Php300 as they have huge servings! You can share though. Overall, it was a nice experience dining here by the beach.

Badladz Beach Resort/Restaurant
Located at: Small Tabinay, Puerto Galera 5203 Oriental Mindoro 



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