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by - 7/20/2018 12:00:00 PM

Having an uneven skin tone has been my struggle for years. Plus I do have an acne prone skin thus making my face lighter than the rest of my body. The pimples leaves a red spot on my face and I'm really having a hard time getting of those. 
Good thing, I recently discovered a new whitening skin care line here in the Philippines! It's from VitaNutriscience which is the same makers of the famous Snow Caps, Snow Skin Whitening Soap, Snow Skin Whitening Cream, Snow Skin Whitening Lotion, Snow Toner and the Acne Care Line. I've already tried most of the products from VidaNutriscience and I can day that it's a really great brand so I have a high expectations to their newest whitening line. 

The Crystal White Skincare line offers affordable whitening products for every Filipina. 

Crystal White Skin Whitening Toner (Php 99.00) – not only cleanses the skin but evens out skin tone to reveal radiant white skin. it hasPh 5.5 to gently moisturize the skin and effectively removes the dirt and impurities. It helps to remove dead skin cells, minimize the pores and removes acne and blemishes.
Weight: 100ml

Crystal White Skin Whitening Cream (Php 149.00) – helps prevent aging with its potent Crystal7 ingredient to help whiten the skin. Derived from natural ingredients, it helps to reduce fine lines, age spots, minimized pores, remove dead skin cells and moisturize the skin for that natural and healthy glow. It also has SPF30 for 30x more protection against UVA/UVB rays.
Weight: 30ml

Crystal White Whitening Underarm Spray (Php 139.00) – derive from natural ingredients, it helps to brighten uneven skintone and prevent odor. It also helps to moisturize the underarms for that supple and smooth skin.
Weight: 50ml

Crystal White Skin Whitening Soap (Php 59.00) helps to make your skin whiter without drying out. it is formulated with natural ingredients that reduce appearance of dark spots, fine lines and even has anti-bacterial properties which fights off free radicals that can damage the skin. It has Crystal7 ingredients to make your skin softer and whiter for days.
Weight: 90g

Crystal White Skin Whitening Body Lotion (Php 269.00) – is a whitening and anti-aging lotion that contains whitening actives that locks in moisture to prevent dryness, exfoliates the skin for that smooth and clear skin. It also has SPF30 for 30x more protection against UVA/UVB rays.
Weight: 200ml

You can watch  my first impression review on my Youtube channel below:
Please watch out as I'll be making a separate review of each products soon! Thank you again Crystal White Skincare for these products. :) 

For more info about the Crystal White Skincare, you may check out the links below:

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  1. Hi. How much po yong isang pouch?

    1. Hindi po ko sure if how much ung isang pouch if avail sya sa market. Better ask Crystal White page po para sa price :)

  2. Safe po kaya ito sa breastfeeding mom?

    1. Not sure if this is okay for breastfeeding moms. Please consult first with your OB Gyne to be sure :)

  3. Great article.I love it. This will also help to your skin care.