Baguio Adventure 2017

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Hey girls! I'm finally back on track. Before I share my newest blog post, I just want to apologize for the lack of updates on my blog and Youtube. Been so busy this September as I finally started to attend blog events as well as been out most of the time lately thus lacking time to update my blog or even film reviews. But hey, I'm finally back on track as I started this month's blog post on my travel to Baguio last August.

Last August 22 – 24, 2017, we decided to come back for a vacation again at Baguio City, Philippines. Baguio which located in the province of Benguet, is known to have a coolly climate because of its geography. It’s basically located in the northern part of the Philippines, up in mountains of Benguet. I’ve been to Baguio a few times already and I always miss the weather, food and the places there, the reason I’ve been going to Baguio for at least once a year.

From Manila, travel time took for about 5-6 hours (from Victory Liner, ordinary bus) with 2 stop overs in Tarlac and Pangasinan. I love traveling on a weekday since it’s hassle free and there are less people traveling with you.

We arrived in Baguio at around 2 pm and immediately checked in at our chosen Transient House. I honestly forgot the name of our transient house but I found it at Airbnb LINK HERE ( It’s located at TG Home Builders in KM3 Marcos Highway (If commute, you can ask the driver to drop you off here). The room we got are good for 3 guests priced for Php683 per night (2 nights = Php1,366) though I think they increased the price as they included cleaning and service fee which they didn’t have when we booked it last July. Anyway, I do recommend the place since it’s cheap and the room was so HUGE! I think 4-5 persons would fit the room though of course, the room is only good for 3 guest. There is another sofa, a huge cabinet for your clothes, a cable TV, table and 2 chairs and veranda for fresh air. The restroom was clean and it is equipped with cold and hot shower. Also, the pillows and bed sheets were fresh and clean. Kudos to that! By the way, I chose this room because of the veranda and the huge window which I usually close because it’s too cold! Haha So if you want a decent place to stay in and sleep in Baguio (if you’re not that choosy), I highly recommend booking here! The owners and staff were so friendly and smiling every time. As in! J


Since it was still early and I was awake for 24 hours at that time, we decided to just rest for a while and sleep until 7 pm.

For dinner, we decided to dine at the famous 50’s Diner located at the Military Cutoff Road (there’s another one at the Session Road). Every single time I go to Baguio, one of my go-to places to dine is at 50’s Diner but I never got the chance to dine here since it’s always jam packed! Haha Good thing, we went here on a Tuesday night and there were only few customers around. At one point, we even got a chance to have the place all to ourselves! Haha
After dinner, we already went back to our place and decided to sleep early. Early means at 12am. Haha

We woke up at around 7 am the next day and went immediately to the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery located at the famous dainty, girly and cutesy hotel in Baguio, the Kamiseta Hotel. How I wish I can afford to stay here even for a night. Haha It’s weird that we decided to have our appetizers here before actually have our heavy breakfast/lunch. Place is very girly and suits my taste! Since we came earl, glad that we have the place all to ourselves again!

Next, we had a heavy early lunch at Kung Jeon (known as Korean Palace) near Camp John Hay. It’s a Korean Buffet for only Php399! Yay! They also offer FREE picture taking with their Korean costumes.

We went to Bell House and Bell Amphitheather also in Camp John Hay for a walk and photo taking. Photos maybe a bit gloomy since it was rainy that day. I’ve been here last November and came back to appreciate the history and beauty of this place. 
This time, I had a chance to walk into the History Trail which is a nice place to hike. Though I’m not able to finish the trail because I was already so tired of walking. haha

Next, we went to the Diplomat Hotel which is known to be an abandoned structure suited at the top of Dominican Hill. It was already raining hard when we get there so it was the right timing for ghost hunting. The place was so foggy when we get there and it reminded me of Silent Hill movie. Was it really haunted? I’ll let you know on my separate blog post.

After exploring the corners of the Diplomat Hotel, we came back to our transient house to rest for a bit. At around 8pm, we went to Session Road to look for a place to dine and we saw this Japanese restaurant located at the ground floor of some building along Session Road. We had our dinner at newly opened Zushi Me which offers Japanese cuisine.

After dinner, we explored the Harrison Night Market and tried the famous street foods there. No photo though since it was raining that time and I’m just too lazy to bring out my camera.

That night, we slept a bit late, around 1am maybe as we just laid back and chill at our room. Woke up early the next day and check out at around 10am. We had out breakfast at Sbarro in SM Baguio since it’s nearer to Victory Liner. Also, we went to the Market to buy pasalubongs then to Victory Liner.

Arrived at the terminal earlier than expected. By 1pm, we bid our goodbyes in Baguio as we head back to Manila. Travel time was just 4 hours plus 1 hour traffic in Manila. Haha

Below are the vlogs/video compilation (on my Youtube channel) of my day 1 &2 at Baguio:

By the way, I’ll be posting separate blogs about the food and place experience on the next posts so please stay tuned for that. And if you have any suggestions on what other places and restaurants to go in Baguio, I would highly appreciate that. Thanks for reading! J

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