What To Do In Baguio: Bell House, Bell Amphitheater & History Trail, Camp John Hay

by - 10/14/2017 12:00:00 PM

Last August 22 – 24, 2017, we went back to Baguio City for a vacation and  re-visited Bell House and Bell Amphitheater in Camp John Hay. This is already my 2nd time visiting this place since I went here a year ago (blog HERE).  I decided to revisit it since I wanted to take time on appreciating the place and explore other parts as well.
Actually, Camp John Hay is one of the most famous tourist spots in Baguio and it’s a recreational area where one can dine, shop, relax, walk or even enjoy outdoor activities. Bell House and Bell Amphitheater is located at Camp John Hay.

We first went to the Bell Amphitheater to relax and feel the nature. I really like this place as it a great spot to take photos and just simply enjoy the nature. 

Next, we went up at the Bell House which was once an American rest house during that time which turned into a famous tourist spot/museum in Baguio. It is actually named after General J Franklin Bell which was the Chief Staff of the US Army during his time.
I remembered telling myself that I'll come back here when I visit Baguio again. This time, the place was a little gloomy since it was raining that day and I find some parts of the house a bit creepy. Last year, I went here on a sunny day and the gloomy ambiance when we visited that time changed my perspective a bit. The house now seems lonely and sad. Though I'll always appreciate how nice this house was build. 

And of course, I can't miss taking ootd photos. haha

After exploring the Bell House, I finally  got a chance to explore the History Trail which I didn't went to last year. One can walk through the History Trail to discover the Camp John Hay history. There is a trail going down which you can explore. We didn't really explored the whole place since we we're the only ones around and it already started to rain. So I find it a bit hard to go up since it was too slippery and wet. 

Here's a video/blog I made during my visit in Baguio:

The experience exploring this place was fun and exciting. I wish I can go back again to explore the History Trail on a sunny day. 

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