Baguio Foodtrip (152): Kung Jeon (Korean Palace)

by - 10/05/2017 12:00:00 PM

Who wouldn’t want to try a KOREAN BUFFET!!! Of course, I didn’t miss the chance to try a Korean restaurant in Baguio most especially a buffet.
During our 2nd day in Baguio, for lunch we visited the Kung Jeon (Korean Palace) located at South Drive Baguio City near Camp John Hay. Honestly, I’ve never heard this place not until I saw a post by my friend on Instagram. I’ve been to Baguio a few times already and been looking for a different place to dine so I’m glad I’m able to find this place.

Kung Jeon or Korean Palace is a Korean buffet place which is initially a house turned into a restaurant. The place has a huge space indoor and outdoor. No worries for parking since they have a huge space outside. One has an option to dine inside the house or outside their al-fresco area. We decided to dine inside but I suggest dining outside since it can get warm inside especially when you’re grilling.
Interiors were a mix of Korean-Filipino one since there were wooden or native Filipino decors inside.

Inside, you can already see the buffet area with different beef and pork to grill. The banchan or side dishes area like japchae, potatoes, kimchi, Korean pancake, lettuce etc. is located at the other side. They also have ice creams as well though it’s not part of the unlimited buffet price. Btw, buffet price is Php399/head.

Grilling was fun though most of the meat was sticking to the pan. The beef or pork tastes okay or normal for me. Since it’s my first time trying out a Korean buffet, it challenged me since I’m used to being served rather than get and mix whatever I liked.

After eating, we had a chance to try out their Korean costumes picture taking without a cost. Outside, there is a rack of Korean clothes sorted out by gender and kids section too. 

Honestly, I really don’t know if I wore it correctly since no one was assisting us nor the staff seems busy with other customers. I had to figure out how to properly wear the Korean costume. Btw, the costumes had this old smell, seems like they haven’t washed the clothes for a long period. So I only took few photos and removed it immediately.

Overall, I had a great time trying out this Korean buffet in Baguio. This is an authentic Korean restaurant (since the Korean owners were there) but the honestly the foods were just okay for me. As of now, the concept of Korean buffet was a bit challenging for me so honestly, I’d rather dine at a typical Korean restaurant which serves food right on your table. Don’t hate me please but it’s just opinion 😊 But if you want to try, affordable Korean restaurant in Baguio, I highly recommend this place. 
Kung Jeon (Korean Palace)
Located at: 38 south drive Baguio City
Phone number: (074) 446 7557

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