What To Do In Baguio: Camp John Hay, Bell House & Bell Amphitheater

by - 12/22/2016 05:00:00 AM

During my trip Baguio last Nov 25, I finally had a chance to visit Camp John Hay. Yes, I know.. I’ve been to Baguio a few times already but never visited Camp John Hay. I always envy those #ootd photos with pine trees at the back so I knew, I had to get there. Haha

Actually, Camp John Hay in Baguio City is one of the most famous tourist spots. It’s a recreational area where one can dine, shop, relax, walk or even enjoy outdoor activities.

After eating lunch at Chaya restaurant, we went at Camp John Hay to walk and just enjoy the nature.
Though I must admit, I had a hard time walking with Rina and her boyfriend (they walk too fast huhu) for about 20-30 minutes on boots. A girl who isn’t used to walking for hours, I immediately got tired with walking. I kinda regret wearing my red boots as I think comfy shoes is a must when walking around Camp John Hay.

The best part still is love walking under the tall pines trees in a cold weather. Imagine being so tired but not sweating much. Haha Too bad, still I wasn’t able to take an ootd photo with the pine trees. Haha

After strolling, we went at Bell Amphitheater which is a really nice place to take photos. Actually, I’ve heard that this place is a great venue for wedding and debut photo shoots so I took most of the time taking photos here. I mean taking photos of the nature below.. Haha

Then we went at Bell House which was once an American rest house during that time which turned into a famous tourist spot/musuem in Baguio. It is actually named after General J Franklin Bell which was the Chief Staff of the US Army during his time.

Upon entering the house, one can really imagine how the people lived here before. As you can see from the decors of the house, each tells us a story from the past. Also, I felt that the house really welcomes each visitor as if telling me to stay here, just relax and have a vacay here. :)


This master’s bedroom is my fave among all! Look how the sun rays enters the window while the pink curtain reflects the whole room. :)

Imagine waking up every day to this view :)

Here's a video/blog I made during my visit in Baguio:

Exploring the Bell House and Bell Amphitheater was such a nice experience since I felt like I got immersed in a different time and place. (As if I’m not in the Philippines haha). Hope I could stay longer and I’m planning to be back here when I visit Baguio again. :)

Bell House and Bell Amphitheater are located at Camp John Hay, Baguio, Benguet Philippines

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