FOODTRIP(132): Gabe's Homegrown Dishes

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A few weeks ago, I got a chance to visit one-of-a-kind restaurant along Katipunan Ave. With all the other restaurants in the area, comes a unique and surprisingly affordable go-to restau, Gabe's Homegrown Dishes.

Gabe's Howegrown Dishes opened last 2014 at White Plains but relocated now at Katipunan Extension. According to Mr. Dan (one of the owners), the name "Gabe" comes from the name of their son, Gabe and his homegrown dishes.

Btw, place is very homey, cozy and spacious. They have the tables and chairs in one area and a sofa on the other side. 
They also have lots of vintage toys and designs on the place. And their tagline which basically represents the restaurant, "Eat, Home and Family", can be seen here.

Also, I would like to commend Mr. Dan and his staffs for being so friendly, approachable and accommodating to us. One of the things that make this restau stand out is the freedom to request songs to be played while dining in. They actually asked us to jot down the songs we wanted and they easily searched and played it for us.  Nice right? :)

Here's the menu that I got from their restau: (click the photo to enlarge)

Btw, below are the dishes we tried during our visit:

Kwek-kwek (5pcs Php45)
- They've given us Kwek Kwek for starters while waiting for our orders. What makes this Kwek Kwek stand out is that it is very crunchy, yummy and really a levelled up Kwek Kwek. Their sauce is sweet but not too empowering and one really appreciate the distinct yummy taste it gives. Both sauce given really compliments the Kwek Kwek.

Lengua (Php250)
*good for sharing
- I know not everyone's fan of lengua or beef tongue but yiu gotta try this one. This one's very soft. creamy and tastes like neat. You wouldn't even know it's lengua not unless someone tells you. Haha Recommended to try!

Kare Kare (Php200)
*good for sharing
- I love kare kare but I have to say this a 50-50 for the 4 of us. The veggies were crunchy and not overcooked. The bagoong included was a bit empowering for the Kare Kare taste as it is a bit salty. Also, the presentation needs a bit of improvement. Though given the price, they've given us huge amount of serving and goor for 2-3 persons.

Beef Tapsilog (Php115)
*One of our bestsellers
- really one of the bestsellers! Their beef tapsilog is very tasty and my friends even commented that it can be paired up with a beer. Also, very affordable!! :)

Crunchy Pork Sisig ni Gabe (Php185)
*Try it! Simply one of the best! Really!
- One of the best sisig really! Haha Their sisig is very tasty, crunchy and affordable. For us, the sisig itself is alreally good even without the soysauce. Though we suggest that they add a bit spicy flavor to the taste and liver for a variety of taste.

Pansit Malabon (Php100)
- Wow with the servings! They really gave us huge amount of fresh veggies. It is actually very good for the price and even good sharing.

Fried Oreos ala mode (Php100)
- Yun yum yum! Who wouldn't say no to a fried oreos. We all love this one.

Halo Halo (Php100)
*The best in town! With over a dozen of ingredients
- What makes this one stand out are the amount of ingredients of their Halo Halo. Also, the ingredients included were all fresh so it tastes soooo good! Not bad for the price.

Valencia ala Malabon (Php80, +25 for Ala Mode)
*levelled-up Turon with Saba, ube, monggo and langka
- Really a levelled up turon. One would really indulge in this kind of sweet dessert.

Lemonade (Php65)
*freshly squeezed
- Sweet and sour at the same time. Perfect for my friend who has a sore throat that time.

Butterscotch Coffee Hot (Php90)
Butterscotch Coffee Iced (Php90)
- After our heavy meal, I was really craving for a coffee to keep me.awake. I totally love the sweet and creamy taste of their butterscotch coffee.

**Btw, the have an ongoing PROMO which is called "Pick A Price". With every 500 worth or purchase from Gabe's Homegrown Dishes restaurant, one must post a photo of his/her favorite dish and tag them on their Instagram page:@gabeshgd. Just present the photo to their staff and win a GC from them! :) 

Overall, we all had great time dining here. The dishes we ate were good, yummy and very AFFORDABLE given the location. Totally comfort food for everyone and recommended for family and friends. Also can't wait to be back. Thank you again Sir Dan for inviting us :)

Gabe’s Homegrown Dishes
Located at: 219 Katipunan Avenue 2nd floor YDG Building Quezon City, Philippines
Opens at: Mon-Sun; 10AM-10PM
Phone number: 02 4392093; +63 9321381345
Instagram: @gabeshgd

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