A Short Trip to Baguio - 11.25.16

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Finally came back to Baguio City last November 25, 2016. As you all know, I've been to Baguio last February and was planning to come back again but still can't find time to do so. But a few days prior to our trip, Rina (my friend) asked me to go on a 1-day vacay with her. She was thinking of going to Puerto Galera but since it was only for a day, I suggested that we should go to Baguio instead. With no idea where to stay or what to do, we planned it all for about 3-4 days and that's it.

We rode a bus coming from Victory Liner Cubao at 10pm then arrived at Baguio at 2:30am. 
The driver of the bus we rode was pretty much fast. Yay! And still have no idea where to stay, Rina decided that we should stay at her boyfriend's family house who lives in Baguio. It was good for enough for us since we will only stay for 2 nights and a day. Btw, thanks to Oli (Rina's bf) and her family for accommodating us. And also the 3 dogs for being so friendly with me. Haha We slept upon arriving ino Baguio and woke up at around 7am. What a chilly morning. :)

We had breakfast buffet at Citylights in Baguio. Though I wasn't really able to eat a lot (went there a few minutes before the closing time :(), the food served were so good.

After having a good breakfast, we went at Bencab Musuem. Actually going to Bencab Musuem was part of my itinerary last February but wasn't able to go here due to lack of time.  
Bencan Musuem showcase contemporary art by Mr. Ben Cabrera and some Filipino artists too. I must admit, I wasn't really able to appreciate the artworks as I wanted to due to time pressure (remember that we only have a day in Baguio and I have so many places I wanna visit). Though I'm glad that I was able to appreciate the nature surrounding the musuem and the breath of fresh air.
The view was breathtaking as I don't get to see this every day in Manila. Would love to tell you more about my experience at Bencab Musuem on my separate blog post.

After that, we went for lunch at Chaya: Contemporary Japanese Cuisine Restaurant
It was actually recommended by Oli and Rina though I've already read some good reviews of this before, back when I was searching for places on where to eat in Baguio. Again, another separate blog post for this one.

After lunch, we went for a walk at Camp John Hay. I've actually been to Baguio for 4x already but I've never set foot at Camp John Hay. 
Seeing the ootd photos of the people who already went here, with the pine trees at the back made me so eager to really visit this place. We walked and walked and Rina patiently took ALL my photos. Haha

Also, glad that I was able to visit the Bell Amphitheater as well as the Bell House in Camp John Hay. 
The Bell House was really magnificent for me. I'm a sucker for good bedrooms and I find the bedrooms at Bell House lovely. I can imagine myself living in that house. Haha 
Anyway, again, another separate blog post about this place.

After exploring the Camp John Hay, we walk all the way to Choco-late-de-Batirol to eat for our dinner. 
On a Friday night, place was really crowded and jam packed. We had to fall in line and wait for about 10-15 mins before we finally had a seat. Again, I'll review the place and the foods we ate on a separate blog post.

We actually went home early that day due to certain circumstances. It was okay since I was able to sleep early that night. Woke up at 6am the next day.

We prepped and went out for a brunch at The Coffee Library. The coffee was indeed good!! It makes me wanna come back to Baguio and find more places to have some coffee. Haha 
Anyway, full review of this restaurant will be up on a separate blog post.

And that's it. Went to Victory Liner Terminal at 1pm. The travel time was longer this time as we arrived at 7pm in Manila. 
Btw, we rode a Deluxe bus from Victory Liner priced at Php750 with the perks of having a bus stewardess, snacks, drinks and a restroom on board. Haha It was actually my first time using the restroom while on a moving bus as it was shaky! but it was exciting. Haha Also, I didn't know that there is a socket for charging on the side of the our seats and Rina told me that. Haha

Btw, you might wanna check out the video I made during this Baguio trip on my Youtube channel below:

Taking a break from work and stress and having a short trip to a province is what I badly needed for months already. It was fun, exciting and truly a different experience for me (since I clearly had no definite plans when we came to Baguio. And I didn't anticipate that we'll be walking walking and walking but it's okay). Haha Hope that you'll watch out my blog about my experiences on this Baguio trip on my upcoming posts. And thank you for patiently reading this blog :)

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