FOODTRIP(105): Montare Events Place and Food Hub

by - 6/14/2016 12:00:00 PM

You might have noticed but it's been a while since I last posted a food review. (Been so busy with lots of stuffs last May so I do apologize for that). Anyway, a few days ago, while browsing my Facebook timeline, I came across a nice review about the newest food hub in Marikina. I've been seeing lots of posts from my Facebook foodie friends lately as well as a friend also told me recently that there is a new food hub located in Marikina. 
Say hello to Montare Events Place and Food Hub located at Mayor Gil Fernando road, near Engineering Road/in front of Roadside. 
Going to the place maybe a bit tricky since we just commuted. From Masinag, we rode a jeepney going to Bluewave Marikina and rode a trike going to Roadside since I'm more familiar of that place. You can also ride a jeepney but it was already rush hour that time so all the jeeps were full. At first, we had a hard time looking for the place since it is located at the backside of Red Charcoal (in front of Roadside). The entrance was also tricky since we didn't know that the entrance was at the backside too :( 

Went there around 8pm on a Saturday and place was almost full. There is a live band that time and even though they were singing that time, she (the singer) was so nice to welcome us. 

Staffs were ALL very accommodating to us which is super nice :) 

Place is a bit smaller than what it looks in the photos but no worries since there are lots of table and chairs to accommodate everyone. There are even more seats inside. 
Montare's an event place that slash a food hub which is very new to Marikina. It also consists of 8 different stalls that why we really had a hard time choosing where to order. Haha 
Here are some of the stalls where we ordered:
Sweet N' Crushed

Here's what we ordered: 

Aligue Pasta from Caprizzo (Php 180) 
- Wanted to try an Aligue pasta (which means fats from crabs) since I haven't tried one. 
- Me: I really liked this one as I can taste the seafood/crab flavor a lot. It is very creamy and not too dry so I find it very delish. There is just a bit of umay factor afterwards. 
- My friends: One of my friends didn't liked it as she finds the presentation a bit dull and reminded her of palabok. She also did find the pasta noodles a bit hard to chew, as if it wasn't cooked well. 

Buffalo Wings in New Orleans Flavor & Garlic Parmesan (Php150) 
- We all liked the New Orleans flavor as it is very tasty and perfect! The chicken were all cooked well. We didn't liked the Garlic Parmesan that much as we were still looking for that MORE garlic & cheese flavor to the chicken. 

S'mores Milkshake from Sweet n' Crushed (Php150) 
- Me: Super liked this one since I can really taste the sweetest of the flavor. The presentation was very good too. 
- My friends: I think my friends really enjoyed their milkshakes as this was the highlight of our stay. 

Oreo Matcha Milkshake (Php150) 
- THE BEST MILKSHAKE FOR ME!!! Not really a fan of milkshakes since I find most of the milkshakes too sweet (not really a fan of sweets). But this one.. it is not too sweet, the sweetest was just right for me. I super love matcha so I really really like this oreo matcha milkshake. 

Both milkshakes: I also do like the consistency of their milkshake as it very smooth and surprisingly, it is refreshing milkshake/drinks. (Lam mo ung milkshake na maghahanap ka ng water, this one.. you won't need one). I was able almost finish 1/2 of this drink in one sip without water. See? Haha Their milkshakes are the BEST and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Overall, our short visit from this newest events and food hub in Marikina was fun. We came out really full & satisfied. We just find the place a bit tricky especially from a commute but might come back here since there's still lots if dishes I wanna try. And the milkshakes.. I think are worth to comeback for :) 

Montare Events Place and Food Hub 
Located at: Lot 12 Centro de Buenviaje Commercial, Mayor Gil Fernando cor Aquilina Street, Marikina City 
Opens at: 3PM-12MD 
Phone num: 907 1382 

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  1. Once you've taken in the unique décor at this place, the hardest part is to decide whether to go upstairs or downstairs. With a large open floor plan, you'll find bars on both levels of party venues, and someone will always come by to serve you matter where you decide to hang out.