Liese Bubble Hair Dye now in the PH Market

by - 6/15/2016 08:06:00 PM

When you get invites from a brand that you truly believe.. who wouldn't get EXCITEEED?! Haha 
We all know that hair coloring is now part of every Filipina girls life. Going to the salon can be a bit of hassle for working girls like me, so I prefer doing my hair color/dye at home. We're used to cream type of hair coloring and sometimes bubble dye. I've tried some bubble dyes in the market before but they never really met my expectations when it comes to DIY bubble dye.

If you have read some of my blogs, I've already tried LOTS hair dye for the past years and finally found the perfect DIY hair dye but.. it wasn't officially available in the PH before. Yes, I'm talking about Liese, the #1 hair color dye in Japan

If you're familiar with the brand Prettia before, as far as I know, they're both the same. I've known the brand since 2011 and for me, it is the best ans easiest DIY bubble hair dye ever! In the Philippines, they were usually sold on online shops only for a much higher price. I was actually looking for one last year but they're all sold out everywhere! 
Then a few weeks ago, I got an invite from Liese for their upcoming launch here in the Philippines. And I really got so excited that finally they're now invading our market!! So lemme introduce to you Liese, which is the #1 hair color dye in Japan. 

Liese Creamy Bubble Color is the newest DIY bubble dye now in the market. They're also from the same makers of Biore line so expect a great product from them. 

They've introduced 6 color variants for the Philippines market namely: Rose Tea Brown, Raspberry Brown, Chestnut Brown, Milk Tea Brown, Milky Beige and Marshmallow Brown. 
I believe that they have more color variants sold internationally but they these 6 warm brown colors as it suits more to Filipina women. (Please include Ash tones :)) 

How To Use: 
(1) Pour solution 1 into solution 2, and gently tilt the bottle 5 time. 
(2) Hold the bottle upright and squeeze. 
(3) Later up the foam on hair & massage. 
(4) Rinse after 30 minutes. 
I've already tried Liese (Prettia) before and what I really like about the product are: 
(1) Easiest DIY hair dye 
- I like that the bubble foam really stays on your hair when applying. It's as easy as shampooing your hair. Done. 
- You can this alone, no need for help from others. 
- Very convenient to do on your own time. 
(2) Even hair color since the foam reaches until the roots 
(3) Permanent hair dye & long lasting color. 
(4) Vibrant colored hair. 
(5) 6 shades to choose from. 

At the event, we were given Liese goodies bag with mini bubble foam pillow and 2 boxes of Liese dye. I got mine in Rose Tea Brown color which is brown color with a hint of pink. Nice color right? 
Made a mini video clip of the event & vlog about my experience on my Youtube channel below:
Can't wait to use this and make a review about Liese Creamy Bubble Color maybe after maybe 3-4 months since I just recently colored my hair :( 

**For the meantime, you can read my old reviews of Liese (Prettia) here:

Again, thanks Liese PH for inviting me to this event :)

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