Another Chapter of A Company Nurse

by - 6/13/2016 12:00:00 PM

I rarely share bits of my life nowadays since this blog mainly focuses on food and beauty lately. This time, I wanna share with you something about my life behind this blog. :) 

I started working as a company nurse for a BPO company since June 2014. 
1st photo/selfie as a Company Nurse in June 2014 :)
Working from a hospital previously (in 2013) to a company nurse is much different as I must now master my independent nursing skills since I now work alone. I rarely remember this but I think I struggled a bit with adjusting for a few days but with the help of my duty mates, I was able to adjust well just after a few weeks. Slowly, I gained friends starting with my duty mates then suddenly I had lots of friends with almost all the other departments in the company in just a few months. 
Come early 2016, we were advised that our contract was extended until March then finally April. We actually had a despedida last April and that's when I finally realized that I'M GONNA MISS MY WORK AND EVERYONE. (Actually missing the work, my team, tp people as of typing this post). 

Working for almost 2 years as a company nurse at TP Masinag was fun, exciting and challenging. Gain lots of friends and memories during those times and those are the things I won't really forget. 

♥    DESPEDIDA photos below :(


Ex TP Masinag nurses - Grace, Dyan, Ronch

Doc Iren 

HR, BMS, CVJ, Security, Famu, IT, Kambal, Accounting, Gym 

TP Agents 

Thank you TP Masinag! 😀 

**This is actually a super delayed post as I currently transferred already to another bpo company in Eastwood this June. 
**This new working environment is kinda the same but different (in some ways) but I'm so looking forward to challenging myself in working with lots of healthcare providers in a company clinic set up. I now work with another nurse in a shift with doctors along our side. 
So say hello to my new adventures as I start my company nurse life at a different bpo company.:)

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