FOODTRIP(104): Buddy's Cubao

by - 6/08/2016 11:38:00 PM

Went at Buddy’s Cubao a few weeks ago as I badly wanna try here since Mama always tells us how good food is here. By the way, went there around 10pm on a Saturday and surprisingly, there were still lots of customers dining. 
Place is big and can accommodate large packs of customers but can be a bit crowded. It was also a bit hot when we came there so we had to look for a good spot to dine. We waited for about 5mins before we found a more comfy and cool spot upstairs. We went down to the counter as the staff took our orders. 

Btw, I like the Pahiyas/Lucban designs all over as it reminded me of the real Pahiyas Festival in Lucban Quezon. There were lots of kiping (leaf shaped design/decoration made of rice). And yes kiping is edible. 

They have a wide variety of Lucban-Filipino cuisine. 

Here’s what we ordered: 

Pansit Lucban (2-3 persons) (Php200) 
- Lucban is known for their famous Pansit Habhab or Pansit Lucban. It is usually served in a rectangular banana leaf and one must eat the pansit using the banana leaf, no utensils needed. 
- I like their pansit habhab as it really reminded me of the Habhab I usually eat when we visit in Lucban. My mom really really LOVES this one and most of the time, she drops by Buddy’s to buy the Pansit Habhab. 
- Servings given were huuuuge! 

Sisig Pork with Egg (Php155) 
- Not sure if this is really a Quezon dish but I did liked how well they cooked this Pork Sisig. Just a bit oily and greasy. 

Btw, my motherside family were all born and raised in Lucban. My mom always drops by at Buddy’s as she really really loves lots of their original Lucban dishes like the Pansit Habhab and Longganisang Lucban. Both really tastes as original as what she remembers. 

While my sister really loves the Lucban Longganisa. My mom also buys Broas and my all time fave Meringue from Buddy’s. Whenever we got to visit our relatives in Lucban, I ALWAYS make sure to buy meringue since it is really my fave from Lucban. 

Buddy’s also sells meringue from Lucban to which I really loved as I don’t need to go to Lucban everytime just to buy my fave meringue. The brand of meringue they sell tastes just as good as the one we buy in Lucban. 

Overall, Buddy’s is really a good restaurant to visit especially those who wanna try original Lucban dishes. For improvements, I think they should have a good ac since the place can get too hot. :) 

Buddy’s Cubao 
Located at: Shopwise Arcade, Araneta Center Cubao Quezon City 
Opens at: 10AM-11PM (Mon-Sun) 
Phone num: 246 9068 ext 656 
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