My First Bloggers Quiz Night Event at Borough, Podium

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Last June 25, I was invited to a Bloggers Quiz Night held at Borough, Podium in Ortigas. Since it was my first time attending this kind of blogger event, I really had no idea on how this one goes. Just got so excited since it was my first time attending a bloggers quiz night. 

The quiz night was held at Borough, Podium Mall in Ortigas. As far as I know, Borough offers comfort foods that is readily accessible to everyone, 24/7. Nice right? 

Place is located on a small corner at the GF of Podium Mall. But hey, don't be deceived by it's location. Inside, the place is very spacious and it's as if you were transported in a different place. The bar that was placed across really had my attention (as I wanted to sit there haha) but sadly, the event was held on a more spacious area upstairs. 

Anyway, a few minutes after I arrived (sorry If I was late :(), the quiz night started. Our team was already divided beforehand and each team were given a pen and a paper. Oh by the way, our team was named "The Contouring" and I'm with Tesle of and Rovie of They're both pretty girls! :) 

The 1st part was guessing the title and artist of the song then the 2nd part was guessing the tite of the movie. It was soooo hard!! Haha Good thing, Rovie seems to know a lot. Haha The 3rd part was general questions/pambawi part. :) 
In the middle of the game, foods were served to us. Here's what we ate that day: 

Fries in a Basket (Php150) 
"A whole basket of fries, served with Borough's special 'Odessa Sauce'" 
- The fries was fried perfectly and it wasn't that greasy. The Odessa sauce was perfect that I was able to eat a lot of fries. Haha 

Haystack Onion Rings (Php180) 
"Piled high, served with BBQ sauce and sour cream onion dip" 
- Again, non greasy and very easy to eat. Loved the sour cream dip a lot. Servings were a lot given the price. 

Popcorn Calamari (Php290) 
"Pop corn - crusted Fried Squid tossed with extra popcorn for good measure. Served with clarified chili butter" 
- Love the popcorn dipped in chili butter. I love butter a lot and the chili/spicy flavor gave the popcorn a different kind of kick.

Buffalo Chicken Wings (Php360) 
"Classic hot and spicy wings originally from Buffalo, New York. Served with real Blue Cheese Dip" 
- Not too spicy but just the right amount of spiciness for a kick. I love love their buffalo chicken wings a lot especially the blue cheese dip. Actually, didn't know that it was a blue cheese. Haha 

Chocolate Chicken Wings (Php280) 
"For the adventurous, baked wings coated in cocoa and cinnamon, served with Cilantro sour cream" 
- The chicken wings were okay but didn't really like the flavor since it was too spicy for me. 

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup 
"Grilled cheese in homemade brioche bread, served in creamy tomato soup. Dip it!" 
- Sadly, wasn't able to taste this one :( 

Saw their menu and it wasn't that bad. I mean, given the place and the very nice ambiance, honestly, I thought the price was more expensive than what I thought. :) Some dishes were a bit pricey but I guess it's worth it. 

The winners were announced after a while. And guess who won on tonight's quiz night? Non other than The Contouring team! Yay! Got GC's from Borough team :) 

Here's more photos that night: 

With Chef Cuit Kaufman :) 

The Contouring team :) Thanks pretty girls! 

Thanks again Borough for having us :) Can't wait to be back. Gotta use our GC's right? :) 
(photo grabbed from Jen of

Located at: GF The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center Mandaluyong City 
Phone num: 570 8906; 09178978906 
Opens at: 24/7 

Borough Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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