Snow Caps L-Glutathione + Vita White Plus Review: Fastest Way To A Brighter Skin

by - 6/23/2016 12:00:00 PM

Finally, I'll be sharing with you the BEST Whitening secret I've ever tried so far. 

From the same makers of the famous whitening duo, Snow Whitening Cream & Snow Whitening Lotion, say hello to Snow Caps L-Glutathione Dietary Supplements capsule. 

Along with Snow Caps, another whitening supplement was also given to me. This is the Kokando Vita White Plus L-Cysteine Whitening Tablets which I believe are Japanese oral glutathione. 

Before I share with you my review about these oral glutathiones, let me share with you first my opinion about glutathione. 

To begin with, (not to brag or whatsoever) I was already born with a fair skin. During my teenage years, I had a huge hormonal pimple problems which leads me to use derma products to get rid and prevent pimple breakouts. Thus I do have a lighter skin color on my face compared to my arms, body and legs. I don't have any issues with uneven skin tone but for 3 years now, I use Kojie San Kojic Soap to help my arms, body and legs to lighten but still it is not enough to even out my skin tone. 

Last month, Cheska's Store asked me if I could review glutathione capsules to which I agreed. I never tried any oral gluta before (I'll tell you later why) but if given a chance, I wouldn't resist. I got 2 boxes of Snow Caps and 1 bottle of Vita White Plus Tablets last month (May). Started exactly my first intake last May 15. 
And lots of my friend commented and questioned me as to why I still need to take oral gluta when in fact, I already have a fair skintone. Haha (Bakit ba, e gusto ko itry e haha). 

But before I took the oral caps, here are the list of things I was kinda doubtful and unsure before taking this oral gluta. You might also relate to some of my questions below: 

1. Would oral glutathione and Vita White Plus harm my liver or kidneys since it'll filter everything I intake? 
- According to my research, there is no study if oral glutathione really affects the liver or kidneys. I saw one or two articles stating that IV gluta does more damage to the kidneys. Also read that the higher gluta content, the greater the liver's capacity to detoxify harmful chemicals. 

2. According to Cheska's Store, it is okay to take 2 caps of Snow Caps while 3 tablets of Vita White Plus in a day. Should I take her advice? 
- Since this is my first time taking an oral gluta, I just took 1 cap of Snow Caps plus 1 tablet of Vita White Plus just to be sure. I wasn't really sure with the effect at first thus taking it one at a time. 

3. Is it really effective? 
- With lots of oral gluta and iv gluta in the market, at first, I was kinda doubtful if this was really effective or not. Some says it does wonders while some are not. So now, lemme finally share with you my review on Snow Caps + Vita White Plus. 

4. What is a Glutathione? 
- According to the infos I got online, "Glutathione is a substance produced naturally by liver. It is the major anti oxidant produced by the body and our immune system depends in a steady supply if glutathione." In short, one can take an oral glutathione to boost his/her immune system. 

5. Why is there a need to take Vitamin C while taking GSH? 
- This is to enhance or boots glutathione levels on the blood that why one must take more Vit C than the glutathione. 

♥Snow Caps♥ 
Product Description: According to their website (, "Snow Caps contains Premium 500mg of L-Glutathione, also known as the miracle enzyme, to help whiten our skin. Snow Caps allows us to ingest the proper amount of L-Glutathione (reduced) with 100mg Alpha Lipoic Acid and 100mg Non-Acidic Vitamin C."

Key ingredients: 
L-Glutathione 500mg 
Vitamin C 100mg 
Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg 

Content: 1 box of 30 capsules. 

Price: Php1,450 

Where to buy? Got mine at Cheska's Store. 

How To Use: Take 1-2 capsules with or without meal in the morning because glutathione levels are lowest and oxidative stress us highest during the daytime. 

♥Vita White Plus♥ 

Product Description: "The vitamins enhances skin metabolism, whitening skin naturally and whitening from deep within." 

Key ingredients: 
Vitamin C 600mg 
L-cysteine 240mg 
D-a-tocopherol succinate (succinate vitamin E) 50mg 
Butyrate riboflavin (vitamin B) 12mg 

Content: contains 240 tablets for 40days 

Price: Php900 

Where to buy: At Cheska's Store 

How to use: 3 times per day, each time 2 tablets 
**Please take note that I'm also currently using Snow Skin Whitening Soap & Snow Skin Whitening Lotion for my body. 


- I started taking the Snow Caps 1 cap and Vita White 1 tablets last May 15. You may take 2 caps of Snow Caps a day (morning & evening) and 3 tablets of Vita White depends on you. 
- I'm not particular with the time of intake but I make sure I take this every single day. 
- The taste of Snow Caps when intake reminds of a rotten egg. They said that this means that the product is original. I usually drink this with my coffee or anything except water, to avoid the rotten egg taste. Vita White on the other hand doesn't really taste anything. 
- Some claims that Snow Caps did changed their bowel movement but mine stays the same/normal/no changes at all. 
- Didn't really noticed any effects on the first few days or weeks after I started taking them. Recently went to the beach (on the 3rd week of use) and that's when I noticed that it is REALLY EFFECTIVE! 
- On the 3rd week of intake, I'm not sure if my tone's lighter now but I noticed that my skin is much brighter, glowy and radiant compared before. 
- To confirm, my friends told me that yes, indeed I'm much whiter now compared to when they last saw me a few months ago. 
- I'm not sure if this affects my hormonal/monthly pimple breakouts but I only had a minimal pimple for this month and the minimal blemishes on my face that I always talk about, start to fade or lighten. 

(BEFORE: LEFT: Dec 2015) This is the most recent outdoor photo I could ever find. Haha 
(AFTER: RIGHT: June 2016) Photo taken during my trip to Real Surf PH on the 1st week of June, 3 weeks use of Snow Caps + Vita White already.
**Btw, please take note of this. Usually, I have read & heard different comments about the effects of oral glutathione on each individual. And to begin with, I have fair skin tone already that's why I was able to easily achieve this lighter skin tone as early as 3 weeks. We may achieve different results depending on current skin tone. 

Duration of intake of skin whitening: 
*Medium Brown Skin: 1-3 months 
*Dark Brown Skin: 3-6 months 
*Very Dark Skin: 6-12 months 
*Black Skin: 2 years or more 
*Once a person has acquired her desired color, the maintenance dose will just be 500mg once a day. 

Made a video review on my Youtube channel below:

- Glowy, brighter and radiant skin tone 
- Very effective skin whitening for me 
- Very affordable oral glutathione given the results 
- No change in bowel movement 
- No other negative side effects besides skin whitening 
- Lessen hormonal/monthly pimple breakout 
- Both are good combo for skin whitening 

- The rotten egg taste but I advised to drink this with juice to lessen the rotten egg taste. 
- Some may find this a bit pricey. 

Will I recommend this product? YES, YES, YES!! Though sometimes I may not really feel it, lately my friends told me that my skin is more brighter and radiant now. I've also been getting comments on how I got this complexion so I think Snow Caps and Vita White are effective on my skin. I've only been using this for a month now (consumed 1 box-30 caps and currently on my 2nd box of Snow Caps). So thumbs up for this very effective oral glutathione. 

Snow Caps and Vita White are available at Cheska's Store. For more info, you may contact them here: 
IG: @cheskasstore 
Contact num: 0916 582 8800 

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Cheska's Store. I'm not paid to make this review and the product was sent for me to try. My reviews are based on my own experience so keep in mind that while a product may work for me, it may or may not necessarily work for you. I do hope you find my review helpful since all my reviews are 100% honest.

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  1. Its very effective on you! My case is different my face is darker compared to my body.

    This is my blog by the way and I also review beauty products.

  2. I am into IV gluta. It's very effective for me but i have these melasma problems due to more sun exposure during campaign last election period. I felt so deperate with it that I have tried every products in the market. I am scared of the dermas recommendation which is micro needling or the intense skin peeling coz I know this will just worsen the problem later on. Then I have read about this Kobayashi melasma gel which I'm using for a week and I just have received from Lazada this Vita White Plus because I have read that it would fade and prevent dark pigmentation. I have just started this morning and I hope it would give me a positive result. Fingers crossed.

  3. Is the minty sensation down the throat, normal? If anybody experience that as well.

    1. Yes I experienced the minty sensation upon swallowing. :)

    2. I thought I was the only one feeling it. Snow caps is effective on me but the reason I stopped taking it was that weird feeling on my throat everytime I take it. It makes me gag and cough and drink more water to soothe my throat.

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