Best Skin Brightening Soap: Snow Skin Whitening Soap Review

by - 6/27/2016 11:13:00 PM

If you have read my previous blog post about skin whitening, I did mentioned that I do have an uneven skin tone. 

During my teenage years, I had a huge hormonal pimple problems which leads me to use derma products to get rid and prevent pimple breakouts. Thus I do have a lighter skin color on my face compared to my arms, body and legs. I don't have any issues with uneven skin tone but for 3 years now, I use Kojie San Kojic Soap to help my arms, body and legs to lighten but still it is not enough to even out my skin tone. 

From the same makers of Snow Caps, Snow Skin Whitening Lotion and Snow Skin Whitening Cream, comes another promising whitening product that is very much affordable. So lemme introduce this, Snow Skin Whitening Soap which I've been using for more than a month now. 
According to the product info, Snow Skin Whitening Soap: "Treat your skin the necessary energy and nutrients to ensure a radiant clear complexion and younger looking skin"

Packaging: The soap comes in a sealed box. The cute snow white logo is just adorbs! The soap itself is also sealed in a transparent plastic. It also contains a leaflet which includes product information. 

Content: It contains Aplhaflor 7 Plant Extracts from the Swiss Alps 
♡ Mallow Extract 
♡ Peppermint Extract 
♡ Primula Veris Extract 
♡ Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract 
♡ Veronica Officinalis Leaf Extract 
♡ Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract 
♡ Achillea Millefolium Extract 

Volume: 135g 

Price: Php145/149

Where To Buy? Can be bought at Cheska's Store 

Scent: It is fragrance free. 

Color: Yellow bar. 

How To Use: Use daily as a regular soap for the face and body. Leave it for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. For external use only. 

**For the product/soap to last longer, I usually cut the bar into two pieces. Just consumed 1/2 bar in just 2-3weeks. As of June 22 (more than a month of using), I'm currently almost done with the 2nd half of the soap. 
**I usually use this soap 2-3x a day. 
**I started with a light skin complexion and after just a month of use, I noticed that my skin is more brighter and radiant especially outdoors. 
**Please take note that I'm also currently using Snow Skin Whitening Lotion, Snow Caps and Vita White for body whitening. 

Sharing another video review of Snow Skin Whitening Soap on my Youtube channel:
- Squeaky clean feeling after wash 
- Radiant, brighter results 
- 1/2 bar of soap lasts for about 2-3weeks already 

- Maybe a bit pricey for some 
- A bit drying on my skin after use (To moisturize my skin, I use Snow Skin Whitening Lotion after) 

Verdict: After more than a month of using this product, I can say that I really like the product a lot especially when it comes to cleansing rather than whitening. I like the squeaky clean feeling this bar of soap leaves on my skin. I'm not really quite sure for the whitening effects but it made my skin glowy and radiant after use. 

Would I recommend this product? Currently, I'm still using this product and based on my experience of using whitening soaps, I believe that it will really take months (or maybe years) of use to be able to achieve your desired skin tone. Given the effects/results of Snow Skin Whitening Soap, still I recommend this as a good radiant/glowy whitening soap for all. :) 

Snow Skin Whitening Soap is available at Cheska's Store. For more info, you may contact them here: 
IG: @cheskasstore 
Contact num: 0916 582 8800 

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Cheska's Store. I'm not paid to make this review and the product was sent for me to try. My reviews are based on my own experience so keep in mind that while a product may work for me, it may or may not necessarily work for you. I do hope you find my review helpful since all my reviews are 100% honest.

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