NEW Orihiro Extracted Placenta Collagen Review

by - 3/22/2019 12:00:00 PM

My love for COLLAGEN will never stop since I first tried it in December 2016. The 2nd collagen powder supplement that really worked for me is the Orihiro Placenta and Collagen Powder that I used from February 2017 - August/September 2018. (Click HERE for the review). 
You might ask, why I stopped? The main reason I took the Orihiro is that it helped prevent my pimple breakouts during those months that I took it. It also helped my skin to become plumper and soft even with the lack of sleep and stress. Though once my body starts to become immune to certain product, there will come a time that it won't work. I had my first breakout in a long time last July 2018 so I tried adding the dosage of Orihiro Collagen during those times but it didn't work. So I decided to just finish the last pack I had. 

Breakouts didn't stop until December 2018 and it's gotten worst! That's also the time I decided to consult a dermatologist and started my Isotretinoin 10mg a day. This pill helps to shrink the oil glands thus limiting the oil production. Currently, my skin is so much BETTER compared to the last few months in 2018. I don't have any pimples nor breakouts lately but I do have a lot of red marks. 

I’m already 30 (yes I am! haha) and I believe that one should already take care of the skin (from within) especially that I can already see some signs of aging. Collagen does a big help on taking care of our skin by keeping its moisture and making it more youthful. Yay! It also helps to make my skin soft and supple even if I only have few hours of sleep.

I decided to try again Orihiro last January just to add a supplement for my skin. Since my body became immune to the old Orihiro, I bought the NEW more DENSE Orihiro one! I haven't seen much reviews of this online so hopefully this one will help you decide which collagen will you buy. 

The NEW ORIHIRO EXTRACTED PLACENTA COLLAGEN has 30x more concentrated collagen and also has placenta extract. It also has Proteoglycan extract and Vitamin C. 
*Key Ingredients:
Collagen 60,000mg (dipeptide called PO, OG prolyl hydroxyproline, hydroxyprolylglycine)
Placenta 1500mg (amino acids, peptides, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, saccharides)
Proteoglycan extract (has Hyaluronic acid for the moisture in the skin)
Vitamin C 

Products per 6g: 
Fish collagen peptide 2000 mg (equivalent to 60,000 mg collagen / PO, converted to OG)
Placenta extract powder 100 mg (corresponding to placenta 1500 mg)
Proteoglycan extract 3 mg
Vitamin C 60 mg (60%) 

Other ingredients: Fish collagen peptide (including gelatin), dextrin, swine placenta extract powder, sugar cane extract, proteoglycan extract (including salmon) / vitamin C, cyclic oligosaccharide, sweetener (sucralose) 

What does COLLAGEN does to the body?
- Increase collagen content in skin as to improve elasticity 
- Reduce hyper pigmentation 
- Increase skin antioxidant function, keeps skin elastic, accelerated cell growth dermal layer, activation of the superficial cells prevent wrinkles, anti-aging 
- Improves the immune system

Packaging: Comes in a gold and red resealable pack. I noticed that the packaging now is a bit smaller compared to the old ones. No scoop included. 

Weight: 120g/30 day supply 

Price: Php1,150 (bought it from Shopee with my own money: 

Scent: Smells like milk to me 

Taste: None (or maybe I'm used to the taste already! haha)

How To Use: 
Mix 1 spoon (6g) of this product with water or with your favorite drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate or juice) before bedtime.
*For first timers: You can consume half spoon at first or in smaller amount to let your body adjust to this new product. Then after 2weeks to a month, you can adjust if to 3/4 spoon until 1 spoon a day).
*I usually mix 1/2 spoon of Orihiro with my coffee once a day. Not particular with the time since I have a shifting work. 

*I started to use this January 2019 to present
*Since I'm taking 1/2 spoon a day, I consumed 1 pack for about 2 months 

You can watch the video review on my Youtube channel below: 
- No pimples after a month of use (first used this last January. Last pimple I had was also last January)
- Smooth and plumper skin (even if I'm stress or lack of sleep) 
- Skin is brighter 
- Love the glow on my skin
- Good booster for the immune system

- Pricey
- Only available online

Currently, I'm still taking the 2nd pack of Orihiro Collagen and as of the moment, it is one of my HOLY GRAIL AND RECOMMENDED product to help prevent or maintain having a good skin. Again, I last had a pimple last January and it's already March and I didn't experience even a small pimple as of the moment. I was so stressed and had lack of sleep for the past weeks and still my skin is glowy and brighter, thanks to the Orihiro Collagen! Love how it keeps my skin soft, smooth and plumper! If you'll ask me what 's the best Orihiro Collagen among the 3 (Old Placenta Collagen Powder vs Hyaluronic Acid Powder), I prefer this one since it has more collagen included. Honestly, I don't feel any difference compared to the old packaging. Though the Hyaluronic once gives more moisture to the skin. Personally, I prefer this NEW Orihiro since the old packaging isn't working with my skin anymore. So if you're new to the collagen and looking for a good collagen to try, I highly recommended ANY Orihiro Collagen! 

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