FOODTRIP(98): Goldrip Cafe

by - 5/13/2016 12:00:00 PM

For numerous time, I've seen Goldrip Cafe at Rainbow St before they transferred to Lilac St now. I'm so curious as to what they offer and was so glad when they finally transferred at Lilac St. At first, I thought Goldrip Cafe mainly serve drinks more than foods and was so surprised to see that they do have variety of choices for each. :) 

So just a few days ago, we went for an early dinner at this place. They are located at the 2nd floor beside Cheddar Burst (building is near Big Guys Pizza/almost near Concho's/Puregold). 

Place is very clean, cozy and spacious. I really like the ambiance as it is so perfect for that long tambay, studying or just for a cup of coffee. 
A big menu was located outside though we were also given the menu in a bond paper. 

Waiting time for food was for about 15-20 minutes so while waiting, I took some photos of the place. 

Here's what we ordered: 

Beef Tapa (Php170) 
- Their beef tapa served with an eggs and atchara were really good, yummy and easy to chew. Servings were big so another rice is a must. 

Crispy Pata (Php170) 
- Not a fan of crispy pata since I have this impression that it is hard to chew but with their crispy pata version, I was so wrong. This crispy pata were very easy to slice and easy to chew. The taste was surprisingly good and I liked it. 

Waffle with Blueberry (Php120) 
- I also liked their waffle a lot!! I noticed that their waffle was very thick and very distinct. I'm not sure what they used to make their waffle but I liked it! The syrup given was more than enough for the waffle given to us. One waffle made me really full! haha 

Overall, I really really enjoyed the foods and my stay here at Goldrip Cafe. Foods were superb and ambiance was really good. I think this underrated cafe needs more promotion since they really deserve more customers and reviews. :)) I will definitely come back since I wasn't able to try their coffee that time. If you want good food and good place for that long hours to stay, I highly recommend this place :) 

Goldrip Cafe 
Located at: Unit 2A Lilac Street, Concepcion Dos Marikina City 
Phone number: 09064986820; 799 6364 
Opens at: 11AM-10PM, Mon-Thurs; 11AM-11PM Fri-Sun 
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