REVIEW(S): IWhite BB Holic Everyday BB Cream

by - 5/14/2016 12:00:00 PM

iWhite Korea is one of the famous skincare brand here in the Philippines since they have lots of affordable and effective products in the market. So when the BB Holic Everyday BB cream was launched here, I badly wanted one. 

Been searching for this BB cream for the longest time since not every Watsons has this one. Finally saw this at Watsons Gateway and Watsons Farmers. :) 

Product Info: "iWhite Korea BB.Holic is a multi tasking BB Cream that provides several makeup and skincare benefits. It is perfect for everyday use as it is infused with over 10 plant extracts to ensure that your skin is taken care of while looking refreshingly beautiful." 

Packaging: Comes in a conjoined 2 sachets. 

Shades: Light and Beige. I got 2 sachets of Light shade. 

Price: Php24.50/2 sachets 

Volume: 4ml 

Consistency: This BB cream glides well on the skin and it is very watery/gel like. 

Swatch: The Light color/shade is a bit darker than I thought. Reminds me of a tinted moisturizers. 

Scent: Fruity floral yummy scent! Haha 

How To Use: On a clean skin, apply and spread an appropriate amount based on your desired coverage. This product can be worn alone or can sit perfectly under foundation or setting powder 

Coverage: Light coverage. (click to enlarge)
Final look/upon application: (click to enlarge)

After 3 hours: (click to enlarge)
- I started to feel greasy and oily on the 3rd hour of using this BB cream. Oil can already be seen on my T-Zone. 

After 6-7 hours: (click to enlarge) (screenshot photo from video review since I forgot to take a photo)
- I badly felt greasy, oily and that feeling that I really want to touch up or just simply wash my face. My face feels and looks so oily!! 

Made a video review on my Youtube channel here:


- Very light on the face 
- Moisturizing 
- Affordable 
- Cute packaging 
- Easy to blend (advisable to use fingers to blend this one) 
- Gives off that healthy/glowy/dewy effect 
- Advisable for dry skin 

- Tends to get oily 
- Limited shades 
- Not advisable for oily skin 
- Not advisable to use a brush as the product got easily absorbed by the brush 
- Light to zero coverage 
- No SPF (as far as I know)

Verdict: I know there were lots of positive feed backs and review about this product but honestly, I wasn't really impressed :( 
- I do have an oily skin and this iWhite BB.Holic Everyday BB Cream made me my face oilier than usual. I didn't liked the watery consistency it gives though I liked that it is very moisturizing on the face. 
- This is not advisable to use alone if you have an oily skin since this bb cream didn't absorb well on my skin. I had to use a powder to set it. 
- I also don't like the coverage as it gives off light to zero coverage. After 2 layers of application, my blemishes and pimple can still be seen. 
- After 3 hours, my face was already sooo oily!! So after 6-7 hours, I badly felt that I wanna wash face at that time - Most of the BB creams I used has an SPF, this one doesn't have 
- This is advisable for dry skin as it has a moisturizing effect. No need for a moisturizer. 
Will I repurchase? Sadly, NO. Sorry but I'm just being honest :( And I actually gave this BB cream to my mom instead since I know I won't be using this one.

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  1. Aw so sorry that it didn't work for you. I actually really like this BB cream. I use baby powder as a finishing powder as it tenda to get sticky in the fave when used alone. Great review though.:)

    1. Yup, sadly it didn't. :(Thanks for the info girl and thanks for reading :))