REVIEW(S): Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation & Two Way Cake

by - 5/29/2016 12:00:00 PM

Hello dear readers. Today, I'll be sharing with you my thoughts about the Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation and Two Way Cake. 

Been hearing lots of positive and some negative reviews about these products since it was launched last year. Got really curious but wasn't able to buy because it's a bit expensive for a drugstore make for me and as you know, I prefer BB creams over liquid foundations. 

Price: Since Maybelline had a 50% off sale last March, I immediately bought these 2. I got the Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation for Php249 (orig price Php499) while I got the Two Way Cake for Php199 (orig price Php399). 

Shade: Since it's a sale, not all shades are avail in the Maybelline counter. The lightest shade available was 01 which the sales lady told me was the lightest of all shades. I usually get the Nude/Beige shades or the shade after the lightest one when it comes to Maybelline's powders. But no worries since I'm good with the 01 shade. - has a yellow undertone 

Product description: "Maybelline Dream Satin Skin air-whipped liquid foundation contains SPF 24 PA ++. Our unique air-soft formula provides poreless, satin smooth looking skin. Extraordinary coverage that does not clog pores. Long lasting and moisturizing all day." 

Volume: 30ml 

Packaging: comes in a glass bottle and a pump for easier use. 

Consistency: Very light weight and spreads easily. 


Coverage: medium to full depending how many layers you apply. 


Product description: "Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Two Way Cake contains SPF 32 PA +++. For a non-cakey, ultra breathable satin skin perfection that lasts all day. Unique one-fulm technology provides an ultra thin layer with refined powder. Extremely fit for stretchable finish." 

Volume: 9g 

Packaging: Comes in the beige compact just as the same as the other compact powders with Maybelline. 


Coverage: provides light-medium coverage for me. 

FOR BOTH: Finish: Matte, satin finish and my pores are gone. Haha I do have an oily face so I prefer this finish. I also prefer to use this with a primer to hold the foundation and powder in place. If you have a dry skin, I advise to use a moisturizer first. 

When Used:
ONE LAYER: (My blemishes/scar from the previous pimple breakout and a current bumpy pimple on my lower right nose are still noticeable)

FINISHED LOOK: (The old pimple scar on my nose are now concealed using my Naturactor Cover Face though my current bumpy pimple is still obvious as you can see. Final look is good as this liquid foundation and two way cake gives off that matte, poreless and satin finish)

AFTER  4 HOURS: (Oil can already be noticed on my face though it is still tolerable for me. I like the dewy, healthy looking skin it gives off).

AFTER 6-7 HOURS: (As you can see, I badly need a retouch after 6-7 hours already as oil can already be seen on my T-zone and cheek area. haha!)

Longevity: After 3-4 hour of use, I noticed that oil starts to build up in my nose area but no worries since it gave me that nice glowy, dewy and healthy look. You may or may not use an oil blotting paper but I prefer to blot after 2-3 hours. Both product stayed on my face for 8 hours, though a retouch is already a must. 
- provides flawless, satin, matte finish 
- Makes my pores looks smaller 
- good for normal to dry skin 
- Medium to full coverage 
- Affordable (since I got them for 50%) 
- Both contains SPF 

- Not suitable for oily skin 
- Not suitable for hot, humid weather as tends to be cakey after 4-6 hours 
- Not all shades are available 
- Pricey (regular price) for a drugstore makeup for me 

Verdict: I think both are a good foundation especially for those starting up or those looking for a great drugstore foundation. The best part of this foundation is that I really liked the satin finish upon application. My T-zone starts to get shiny after 4 hours of use but no worries since it gave me that glowy, dewy, healthy look. For girls who has oily skin like mine, I highly recommend using a good primer for this foundation and two way cake to last longer especially on humid days. For the 50% price I got, I think it's a good buy since I got both in an affordable price. :)

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  1. Love maybelline and its not over priced!

  2. I got a free bottle of it here - but have to buy it first then get the money back!