What To Do in Baguio: Harrison Night Market

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During our stay in Baguio, we went for a shopping at the Harrison Night Market.

Harrison Night Market is famous for affordable bagsak presyo ukay or thrift shop in Baguio. They are open starting 9pm onwards. They have lots of 2nd hand ukay clothes, shoes, bags, accesories and foods! :)

I've been to Harrison night market when we visited Baguio a few years ago but wasn't really able to shop. Really glad that I was able to explore and shop at the place. Anyway, on the first round, we just scanned the place and looked for things we want. On the second round, I was able to buy a top, blouse and hoodies that I saw from the first round. It was then during the third round that I was able to buy another hoodie which I will share a story about it.

My budget for the night market was supposed to be P500 but I spent more than that.

On my third round, I saw this girl wearing a really nice hoodie with fur. Then I remembered seeing a nice hoodie on my 1st round and 2nd round. We went back at the area where I saw a very nice hoodie and this time I was able to ask the price. The "kuya" vendor who maybe noticed me looking and checking "that" hoodie a few times since the 1st round, approached me already. Thinking that the price would be around Php500, I was shocked to know the price. Here's how the conversation goes:

Kuya: Kunin mo na yan, ----- branded yan. Wala bumibili nyan kasi small ung size.
Me: Magkano po?
Kuya: Php1,200
Me: **shocked.. thinking na nasa ukay kami pero bat ang mahal ng price** Ang sakit ng price kuya.. Kuya: O ito itry mo lang..
Me: **sige try ko lang naman pero baka di ko naman bilhin kasi sobra mahal**
Kuya: O bagay sayo o.. 
Me: Ang sakit sa puso kuya.. masyado mahal..
Kuya: O sige bigay ko nalang sayo P800

So in the end, I bought it anyway since it's priced for Php800 already. I'm not sure of the fabric used but it's thick and I love how soft the fur was. It's also the most expensive item bought in a thrift shop. But I think it's worth it naman, especially the fur since it's really big and soft. Just not sure where to use it here in Manila. The fur is a bit loud for a casual outfit here. Maybe for a shoot? Haha

Here's what I bought:

Blue Top (Php20)

Floral Top (Php80)

Hoodie 1 (Php150)

Hoodie 2 (Php150)

Hoodie 3 (Php800)

Sharing a video about my mini haul from the Harrison Night Market. Bought lots of hoodies! Haha

Anyway, here are my tips when buying at Harrison Night Market.
1. Scout for the place first before you buy.
2. Secure your valuables. Expect lots of people on the place when you shop at thd night market. Even some police offers are reminding the crowd to secure their valuables and stuffs as there lots of pick pockets on the place.
3. Bring small bag as you'll experiencing lots of walking in the place. 
Good thing we were able to drop our items first at the transient house before going here. It's really a hassle bringing lots of stuffs while shopping in a crowded place.
4. Better to wait before their closing time as I believe, prices are way much cheaper.
5. Don't be shy to haggle the items.

Next time I'll already know what to do the next time I shop at this place. Haha

Harrison Night Market
Located at: Harrison Road, Baguio City Philippines
Opens at: from 9PM onwards

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  1. Hello gurl! Gustong gusto ko din pumunta ng Baguio dahil sa ukay! Ganda nyang Jacket in fairness! Nice meeting you again!

    1. Hi girl! :) Sorry ang late late na ng reply ko. Haha Salamat :) Sarap sa Baguio no? gaganda kasi ukay dun tas malamig pa. haha :) Late na pero nice meeting you din last week :)