Baguio Day 2 Adventure - Ummason, Laperal White House, Mines View, Wright Park, The Mansion, Pizza Volante, Harrrison Night Market

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**Disclaimer: This will be a very long post regarding my experiences staying in Baguio. :)

Baguio Day 2 was the highlight of my stay in Baguio as we were able to explore Baguio for a day.
We woke at around 9am already, a little late from my 6am alarm. But with the 12 hours of sleep, it was a refreshing morning for me. Already went out around 11:30AM.
We were supposed to have brunch at the 50's Diner but there were lots of people queuing that time so I changed my mind. I remembered seeing a Korean restaurant on our way to the 50's Diner so we went there instead.

We took our brunch at this Korea restau in Baguio named Ummason Korean Restaurant (Mother's Hand).

**Will do separate blog post on this one :)

After spending a 2-hour heavy brunch at Ummason, we decided to take a stroll along Leonard Wood Road. Then we suddenly, we came across the famous Laperal White House.

This wasn't a part of our itinerary but I really wanna visit this place the first time I read the posts, saw photos and clips of this place. Imagine how excited I was upon seeing the place.

**I took lots of photos of this place so I'm gonna make a separate post again regarding the Laperal House.

After exploring the Laperal House, we took a taxi and went at Mines View Park at around 3:30PM. 

The last time I visited Mines View Park, the memory I had was a breathtaking view. But Mines View Park is so crowded when we got there. I enjoyed the looking at the colorful flowers and plants displayed (for sale) upon going to the Mines View itself. Ang sarap tignan at mag uwi sa Manila ng mga flowers. Haha Anyway, there were also lots of people taking selfies at the Mines View itself so we had to wait for them to vacate the spot for us to be able to take a selfie too. Haha 

After taking photos at the famous Mines View, we went outside to buy our pasalubongs. I was able to buy pasalubongs inside the Mines View Park not knowing that it is cheaper when bought outside :(

Anyway, saw this strawberry vendor outside Mines View Park. Who wouldn't miss strawberry taho in Baguio right? (**They also have Caramel Taho na!! Wasn't able to try it as I was after the Strawberry Taho). The vendor even told us, "Mam pang instagram po". Umiinstagram na pala si kuya. Haha
After eating the strawberry taho, we bought pasalubongs in the pasalubong area near Mines View.

At around 5pm, we went at the Wright Park (ung sa taas near The Mansion kasi grabe ung hundred steps sa baba.. kaloka umakyat dami namin bitbit haha). We just took a stroll while we appreciated the beauty of nature and the cooly temperature.

Took photos with some pine trees at the Wright Park since we weren't able to go at Camp John Hay :(

** Another separate post about this place

Then some Strawberry vendors came to us, asking to buy their strawberries. We actually forgot to buy some strawberries at the Mines View Park and since I forgot that it's much cheaper to buy at the market, we bought this one for P180/kilo. Grabe ang mahal! Sobrang occupied ko na kasi nun, gow lang ako ng gow. Huhu

After that, we took some photos at famous The Mansion. Again, a selfie spot for everyone. We had to wait for a vacant spot for us to take a photo.

At around 6pm, we decided to go back to our transient house to drop off our pasalubongs and some more plastic bags.

But since I wasn't able to take more shots from Loakan airport, I took the opportunity to have a mini photo shoot here.

**Again, since this will be a long posts with lots of photos, I'll be making a separate blog post for this. Haha

After an hour of rest at our rooms, we took a taxi going to Session Road at around 8:30 PM already. The taxi driver told us that it was really traffic on that place so he dropped us off at McDo (I dunno what branch), just a block a way from Session Road.

Looking for places to dine, we decided to try at Pizza Volante since it's the only restau exclusively in Baguio that I'm familiar off.

**Again, a separate post about this one.

After eating dinner, we drop by Starbucks in Session Road for the sake of trying SB in Baguio. Haha

Then at around 10pm, we went for a shopping at Harrison Night Market. It's my 2nd time going to this place but it's my 1st time making a shopping at the night market. There lots of people during the time we went there so the police officers keeps in reminding the customers to always check our bags and belongings. Nice right?

**I'll be making another post regarding my shopping experience at the Harrison Night Market and a mini haul of things/clothes I bought.

We went home at around 1-2am already. Super sulit for day 2 experience at Baguio :)

Here are the videos I made during Baguio Day 2 :)

Part I

Part II

**ALL photos are Hi-res. Just click the photo to enlarge :)

**Please stay tuned for my Baguio Day 3 and summary of this trip. Ang dami ko nalaman about sa Baguio and a makeup discovery haha so make sure to read my Baguio blogs :) Thank you :)

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