Unboxing of My Althea Beauty Box :)

by - 2/13/2016 11:00:00 AM

Hello dear readers. I'm so excited to share with you the unboxing of my Althea Beauty Box that I received last Thursday. 
Althea is the newest online shop which offers cheap Korean makeup straight from Korea directly to your home. Found out about this one thru beauty bloggers and vloggers last January. I was kinda curious as to what this online offers so I went ahead to their website at http://ph.althea.kr. And wow! They offer lots of different Korean makeups at a much cheaper price. Not only that, they even offer FREE SHIPPING with orders over Php1.500. Just wow. 

So I went ahead and ordered the products that I want last February 2 (Tuesday). My orders were shipped to the Philippines last February 5 (Friday). Since then, I always checked my emails and Althea account to track my orders. 

Here's how the Tracking page looks like :)
By the way, all items are fresh from Korea so it will take 5-8 days for the package to arrive at your home. I knew my package would arrive a week after I did my purchase so I was really expecting it. The package arrived at 11 AM last Thursday (February 11). Good thing it was my rest day and I was still awake that time. The rider looked for me and ask for my ID. I gave him my ID and he asked for my signature. 

The box is contained in a pink thick parcel/plastic sealed with the Althea logo. 

The pink Althea box and the products inside are sealed in an individual bubble wrap. Really nice right? Products are really secured. I really liked the pink Althea box a lot. Aside that it is sturdy, the box itself is sooo cute and soo inviting. Like it's saying that I need to buy more products from them. Haha 

Here are the items that I bought from Althea Kr: 

1. Etude House Color My Brows in Natural Brown  (Php378) (Php240) 
(Reason for buying: My old EH Color My Brows are in Blonde shade. Since I already dyed my hair darker, I badly need a darker eyebrow shade too.)

2. Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion in Light Beige (Php1,098) (Php650) 
(Reason for buying: Never tried any cushions before and been eyeing different BB Cushions lately. Bought this as I wanna try BB cushions and of course, it is 50% cheaper in Althea than in local EH stores)

3. Tony Moly Tony Tint Delight in Cherry Pink (Php198) (Php150) 
(Reason for buying: Already tried different lip tints from different famous Korean brands and I think Tony Moly's Tint is the best one for me especially when it comes to longevity and pigmentation. My current one is already nearly empty so I badly needed a new lip tint.)

4. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #21 (Php560) (Php1,600)
(Reason for buying: In 2009, when BB cream started to get noticed, this Missha BB cream is the first BB cream I ever heard of . I badly want to try this since then but wasn't able to buy this since I was still a student then. Can't afford to buy a BB cream worth 1k++. Talk about being practical. haha Seeing half the price of the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in Althea, I bought this one as they sell this for half the price when bought locally. I really wanna try this brand since 2009.)

TOTAL when bought locally = Php3,274
TOTAL bought in Althea = Php1,600 

I got these at Althea for Php 1,600 ONLY with FREE SHIPPING! But if ever I bought these here, I'll be paying Php3,274 for these 4 items. See? I just saved Php1,674, almost half the prices of the items that I bought. Super thumbs up for Althea!! :) 

By the way, I bought these products with my money. At first I thought my orders wouldn't push through as it says in their website that they're still on Private Beta Mode. 

Please do check out Althea's website (http://ph.althea.kr) as they will officially launch their website on February 15 (Monday). I heard that they will be giving free 300 credits to new sign ups and FREE SHIPPING for every Php1,000 worth of products spent on their website during the launching month. Promos like Daebak Deals 1+1 and Zero Peso Deals awaits on their launch! I'll definitely shop again on their website on Monday. :)) 

By the way, some of the products mentioned will be reviewed SOON! :) So there you go. I hope I did helped you regarding the Althea online shopping. See ya on my posts :)

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