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During my stay in Baguio Day 2, we came across the Laperal White House while strolling at Leonard Wood Road.

**Disclaimer: This will be a very long post containing lots of photos. ALL photos are HQ/Hi-res quality. Just click the photos to enlarge.

The Laperal White House is famous for it's creepy story and hauntings due to its history. According to my research, the Laperal House was built in 1920 and owned by the one of the oldest clan in Baguio, the Laperal family. Dona Roberto and Dona Victorina built the house during the American rule and during the Japanese period, the place was turned into torture and killing place. Dona Victorina died during the war while Don Roberto, though survived the war, died after he slipped and hit his head.
After years of closing the house to the public, it was bought by Lucio Tan in 2007. Since then, the place was maintained and restored. By 2013, the house was turned into a Bamboo Musuem that showcased Ifugao carvings with an entrance fee of Php50.

Back to my adventure (sorry for the long story haha), we came at the Laperal White House at around 2:30pm. The entrance was at the basement where they already placed some of the bamboo carvings and paintings for display. 


The paintings are so instagram worthy. Haha

Just a heads up, I don't have a third eye not I'm not the type of person who is "sensitive" to other entities. I didn't feel anything but I find the place creepy and exciting at the same time.

Walking on our way up was the front of the Laperal house. 

On the first floor, there were several rooms with bamboo carvings display.

Emote emote sa sala. Haha
And this creepy window..

Here is the one of my favorite small room/spot as it has a nice big windows which has a perfect view of Baguio. 

I love how the natural light just pass through this room. Super ganda ng lighting dito. Tuwang tuwa talaga ako magselfie. Hahaha 

And of course, can't miss a photoshoot here. :)

Then we went up at the 2nd floor.

Featuring the staircase going to the 2nd floor.

The 2nd floor features the creepy bedrooms. Well, the creepy part was the empty space and a bed in a big room.

Some of the cabinets were also closed. But one cabinet really made my heart jump!! (Watch my video below this post haha)

**If you're planning to go to the Laperal House please don't read this part in italic mode :))
There was a group with us on the same floor, touring around the place. They were screaming, shouting at laughing after seeing a photo on this cabinet. Knowing beforehand that there is a photo of a man in one of the cabinets, out of curiosity, I bravely opened that cabinet and guess what?! I WAS SHOCKED & SUPRISED to see a poster sized photo of a scared man posted on the cabinet. As in you can really see that I was so shocked, as if I was in a horror house. Haha I really find it sooo hilarious. Haha

Here is the staircase joining 1st and 2nd floor. 

Anyway, the stairs going to the 3rd floor was so narrow that only 1 person can fit the staircase going up.

I can’t help but to wonder why they built such a narrow stairs.
Nothing much to see on the 3rd floor since it's just a small room/spot with big windows again, just like my favorite spot on the 1st floor. Syempre, photoshoot ulit :)

We got out of the house with such an exciting experience. I found the place a bit creepy but hey, the place is really nice. It's just that, I don't wanna stay there at night. Haha

Then just outside the Laperal House, we went ahead at the Baguio Bambusetum and Eco Park

We didn't really explored the whole place as there was nothing much to see. Photoshoot nalang ulit. As usual.

It's just that, I saw a crow in one of the trees near the Laperal House. Is there someone’s watching the house? Hmm..

 Can you spot the crow?

Watch my Laperal White House experience here:

Laperal White House & Baguio Bambusetum and Eco Park
Located at: 14 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City

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