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by - 1/30/2016 04:27:00 PM

I have the passion in writing but lacks the talent to do so. When I was younger, I used to write everything on my daily diary which I started when I was 9 years old. Growing up, I dreamed of being a writer but wasn’t able to focus on that passion that I have. Until one day during my pre teenage years, I suddenly discovered the influence of internet and blogging.

Since high school, I've been blogging already starting with the Friendster blogs. Then switched to Livejournal then settled with Xanga for 4-5 years, mostly on my college days. Switched to my first Tumblr blog for repost on 2010-2011 but didn't really post or write anything. Made a new Tumblr blog again on 2011 and been using that until present. Since 2011, I used my 2nd Tumblr as my main blog site. From posting a photo, video, music or even long blog posts, I find it easier to do so on Tumblr especially as there is an app for that. I was comfortable with the codes/html though there weren't really wide range themes for tumblr. Though I really like my tumblr blog a LOT, I felt that the theme I have wasn't that blog worthy. Haha I did searched for a lot of tumblr blog worthy themes but I find it difficult to find one for my taste. After 4 years, finally searched for a new blog host just late last year.

I've really wanted to move at since college days (yea, that long haha) so I created a blogger account years ago. Never had a chance to explore blogger as I found it too complicated for me to use. Last year, I was able to try using blogger with the theme codes and surprisingly, I find it very easy to use now. With the help of tutorials on the internet and You tube, I was able to familiar myself with the layout and how to's of blogger site. I learn to import my tumblr blog posts to my new blogger site as I still wanted to keep my old blog posts (especially my food trips) on my new site. But sorting out old nonsense posts and editing mostly of my posts really takes time (migrating to blogger from tumblr made most of the posts really messy). Though I was able to finalize my themes, codes and layouts, it took me months to finally finish editing my old blog posts. I was only able to work on my new blog during free times (After shift/work, if I'm not too tired or during day off IF I'm at home).

My old blog posts (2011-2013) mainly focuses about my life, personal things, and random nonsense inside my head. My 2014-2015 posts focuses on sharing my food trip experiences and some makeup (mostly lipsticks) reviews. On this new blog site, I plan to continue sharing with you my food trip experiences and still with some beauty reviews. My new blog site isn't that pinkish and girly as my old tumblr blog but I think it's more user friendly than my old one.

So hello new reader. (do I even have old ones here? Haha). Starting February 1, 2016, I will be using this ( as my main site. My tumblr blog will still be up  but won't post there anymore. Though I'm still working on improving my posts and photos, I hope you'll enjoy reading my new blog. And feel free to comment or suggest if you want :))

So officially, Welcome to my new blog site. :)
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