FOODTRIP(71): Milieu

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A few days ago, we went at Milieu in Lilac St Marikina. Their place attracted my attention as it is one of the newest food spot in the area.

We went at around 3-4pm and we were the only customers at that time. Parking may just be a bit tricky as 2 to maybe 4 cars can only fit their front parking.

Place is big enough to accommodate maybe 30+ customers in one seating. They still have more seats inside/ at the back part.
Their decorations are simple retro with different wall frames and quotes design on the gray walls. They even have this nice couch in the corner with Instagram worthy walls. Haha

Here's their counter:

I wasn't able to take the photo of their menu but here's I grabbed from their Zomato page: (click to enlarge)

Here's what we ordered:

Apple Wood Smoked Slab of Bacon (Php200)
"With Bonito corn and Japanese coleslaw"
- Definitely not your typical bacon. The 3 slab of bacon along with the honey flavor with a twist of lemon (I'm not sure if this is lemon but it just taste like lemon/sour haha) is the best. Their slab of bacon is really thick and were just enough for me.

Sake Meshi (Php350)
"Grilled Teriyaki Salmon"
- The best salmon dish ever! Why is it? The soft salmon dipped with their sauce along with the rice combined is very flavorful. I like that it taste like your just eating sushi/maki but with rice and a twist. This is definitely new to me so I really like this one. Definitely one of the best!

Baked Oysters (Php180)
"With white wine cream sauce"
- Their Baked Oysters is very creamy and milky but too salty. Why is that? Their presentation of this meal comes with a bed of salt underneath the baked oysters. I kind of seem curious about that so I asked the one of the waiters around. She said that bed of salts were included on the presentation of the meal to signify that these came from the sea or fresh from the sea, something like that. But I just don't get it since having a lot salt underneath the Baked Oysters made it more salty than tasty. But without the salt, this dish is really delicious.

Overall, I really liked this new food spot as their menu/foods are distinct compared to other food spots around. But I think they still need more improvements on the designs of the place as I find it too simple for my taste. Might be a little pricey on some meals but will definitely recommend this to my friends :)

Located at: 70 Lilac St SSS Village Marikina City
Phone num: 09159684522

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