FOODTRIP(69): Good Burgers Lilac + Bonding with Rina (01.10.16)

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Last January 10, 2016, me and my Kiseeeg friend, Rina met for a bonding again.

We usually meet with Kiseeeg but it's been a while since the 2 of us both bonded like we used to. Btw, I met Rina in college (2006) as well as Kiseeeg (college barkada). Rina is one of my closest friends in Kiseeeg and we always hang out, catch up or bond every once in a while. I usually see her during Kiseeeg bonding but it's been a while since the two of us really had time to catch up. 

We went at Good Burgers in Lilac since we were both hungry and I haven't tried it before. Heard that they have affordable and healthy burgers so I suggested that we eat at this place. 

Good Burgers is located at Lilac St, just across the SSS Village Elementary School. This non air con food spot is a bit small and can accommodate 14 - 16 customers, as I estimate.

Menu can be found on their counter and it's a pay first basis. We had a hard time deciding on what to eat since there were really a lot to choose from. Each burger variant sounds delish! Haha

Here's the menu:

Btw, according to them, the Good burgers are the regular and the Better burgers are a bit bigger than the Good ones. While the Best burger has 2 patties included.

Waiting time is around 10-15 minutes as the patties are freshly grilled. 

Here's what we ordered: **we ordered Better burgers and both chicken patties** 

Bacon Mozza Melt (Php130)
"Bacon bits, Mozzarella, Mayo"
- The bacon, oozing Mozzarella and mayo just perfect for my taste. I find the chicken patties very juicy and delicious. One thing I also like is the thickness of their patty. Super worth it!

Margherita Burger (Php130)
"Roasted tomatoes, cheese, mozzarella, basil" 
- According to my friend Rina, the patties are heavy and delish but she thinks they lack the "WOW" factor for burgers.  

What I didn't like about them is the place. Place may need a little more improvement since I find the place a bit simple and also to attract more customers. But overall, their burgers are definitely recommended and reasonable. If you want an affordable and healthier choice of burgers, Good burgers is the best place go to :)
Good Burgers
Located at: 59 Lilac St. Concepcion Dos, Conception Dos, Marikina City
Phone Number: 925 1568
Opens: 11AM -10PM

GoodBurgers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 
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