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After work last Wednesday, unexpectedly I was invited for a foodtrip at Fino Deli restaurant in Marikina. I haven't heard about this one but gamely, I come along without any idea of what this place serves or even where this place was. 


Coming from Masinag/Soliven, we rode a trike at Lilac St going go Dao St. When you reach the end of Lilac St, turn right then turn left on the next street. You'll see Fino Deli on the left side. 

We came around 4pm and was a bit hesitant to come in since there was no customers inside. At first, I doubted if this was open but I saw the store hours was from 3PM-12MD. So yea, they're open that early. I was also surprised to see how big this restaurant is. Compared with the usual food trip spots in Lilac St, their place is definitely bigger with a big parking lot. Super convenient to customers coming with cars since parking won't really be a problem. 

First impression of the restaurant: First high-end fine dining restaurant near Lilac Marikina. The place is really "sosyal" haha. I was actually on my scrubs that time so I really thought, "Dapat nagdamit ako ng maayos. Ang ganda ng place sana dinala ko ung camera ko. Gusto ko mabigyan ng hustisya ung ganda ng place. Haha". I kept thinking that until we got inside. Haha 

Upon entering, the waiters greeted and assisted us with our seats. We sat beside the window. 

Place is super nice, perfect for family gathering, friends meet up and definitely a nice restaurant for dates with your loved ones. There were a lot of wine designs on the place.

Upon seating, they gave us the 3 pages menu. They're on their soft opening but they already have a lot to choose from their menu. 

Here's the menu: (I got this on

(click to enlarge)

While waiting, we were actually given complimentary food. It's a bread with a butter. I don't know what kind of bread this is but it isn't like your ordinary bread. Even this complimentary bread given was already superb. :)

We had a hard time choosing what to order since there were a lot of yummy dishes to choose but here's what we ordered: 

"Creamy white pasta with crab meat and bacon"
Php 259 

- I love white pasta a lot! Though I'm not a seafood lover, this dish made me crave for seafood pasta meals. Haha Their Crabonara is a combination of white creamy sauce with crab as a major flavor. The crab flavor was a bit empowering but it compliments well with the white sauce. Never tasted something like so I really enjoyed my dish. Servings were just enough for me. 

"Spicy shrimp cooked in white wine" 
Php 165

- This a spicy shrimp meal perfect for the rice. Again, I'm not a fan of spicy meals but their spicy shrimp tastes okay with me. Shrimp isn't really that spicy to which I liked. It says it is cooked with white wine but I wasn't able to taste the wine. Their spicy shrimp was very flavorful, soft and yummy. 

Cinco Quezo 
"5 Kinds of cheese with creamy white sauce" 
Php 475 

- THIS IS DEFINITELY HEAVEN!! haha Since I'm a big fan of any kind of cheese, I really really LOOOOVED their Cinco Quezo pizza. It's a 12 inch pizza with oozing 5 cheese on it. Might be a lil pricey for a pizza but I tell you, super worth it to and siksik talaga sa cheese and flavor. As in di ka tinipid sa ingredients especially sa cheese. Super recommended to ( especially for cheese lovers like me and even non cheese lovers) and definitely a must must try! :) 

Btw, I wanna commend their waiters as they were really attentive and courteous. They even asked how our meal was. 

We were also given a survey after our meals and I wasn't really able to comment well (since I was already sleepy and my brain wasn't really functioning well that time. Haha). Hope they'll see this review since I really really loved their foods and place. A bit pricey from my usual food trips but with the quality of food they serve, worth it naman sya. 

Will definitely recommend this to my friends and will come back since I still wanna try more dishes and for better photos na rin. (Mag aayos na ko at magdadala ng camera and more friends! Haha). 


Fino Deli (09.23.16 updates) 
Been at Fino Deli at around January or February this year and had a great experience dining here. I remembered telling myself that I'll definitely come back here since I wasn't prepared when I first came here (naka scrubs ako nun te and phone cam lang dala ko.. asan ang hustisya?! Haha). And the food, world class!! 

Fino Deli is a fine dining Spanish-Italian restaurant located at Dao St in Marikina. Their dishes are really good and their wines are directly imported from Romania. 

Btw, finally got a photo of the menu here: (click the photo to enlarge)

Here's what they served to us during our visit:

Cold Cuts and Cheese Platter #1 (Php445) 
"Spanish Manchego and Italian prosciutto with Olives" 
Cold Cuts and Cheese Platter #2 (Php320) 
"Dutch Aged Gouda and Italian salami with olives" 
Cold Cuts and Cheese Platter #3 (Php345) 
"Dutch Goat Cheese and Spanish salami with olives" 
- I'm not sure which one is the photo but they were able to let us try different cold cuts. And all I can say, they're ALL good!! And the cheese, super perfect!! :) 

Cinco Quezo (Php490) 
"5 kinds of cheeses with creamy white sauce" 
- Still can't over their Cinco Quezo from the first time I've tried it months ago until we came back here. Just typing this one and imagining the Cinco Quezo pizza, ahhhh I'm drooling!!!! Would eat this forever!! haha BEST CHEESE PIZZA I've ever tried!!! Must try!! :) 

Truffle Mushroom Pasta (Php235) 
"Linguine pasta with fresh mushroom drizzled with truffle oil" 
- Not a fan of non-white pasta but this changed my mind. The pasta was cooked well and I love that it wasn't dry. The taste is so perfect. 

Wine by the Glass 

Overall, I had a great experience dining here the 2nd time around and still, this is the BEST fine dining hidden gem restaurant in Marikina. Worth it and sulit! Definitely recommended and will come back :) Thanks again Zomato and Fino Deli for this experience :)

Fino Deli 
Located at: 151 Dao St. Marikina Heights Marikina City 
Opens: 3PM-12MD 
Phone num: 0906 388 4248 
Facebook: http//

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