FOODTRIP(87): Kim Chee Korean Cuisine

by - 3/27/2016 12:00:00 PM

Craving for Korean foods for the longest time, we finally visited a Korean restaurant in Marikina. 
I've been hearing and passing by at Kim Chee Korean Cuisine a few times since it was opened last year but I never tried it until now. Why? There were no menu uploaded anywhere I was afraid that they might be expensive for my taste. Good thing, even though I wasn't able to see any menu up until now, few of my friends already dined in here and had positive feed backs. 
So we went here around 5pm on a weekdays and yay! We were the only customers that time. :) 

Place is spacious and they have 4 big tables on the first floor. I wasn't able to go upstairs but I believe they have more seats upstairs. 


Menu was immediately handed to us upon seating. (I do apologize but I wasn't able to take a photo of the menu). There were lots of Korean dishes to choose from though I was really craving for samgyeopsal that time. 

The staffs were very nice and accomodating to us. 

We immediately ordered the samgyeopsal. Btw, according to them, they require 2 minimum orders of samgyeopsal for us to experience the grilling. 

Here's what we ordered: 

Samgyeopsal Pork (Php230) 

Samgyeopsal Sriloin Beef (Php300) 

- Both the pork and sirloin beef are good. Very soft and easy to chew. Besides the meat, they gave us 5 different add ons for the lettuce wrap. Honestly, I find the add ons few since I was expecting for more. (I dunno what it's called but ung mga kimchi, veggies and all). Some of the lettuce wrap was also cut into 2 parts/half instead of 1 big lettuce. 
- I find the sauce/red paste that comes with the samgyeopsal dish, okay. I was looking for a more flavorful taste for the lettuce wrap. 
- For Php230 for the pork and Php300 for the sirloin beef, I find the price okay or "sakto lang" for the given serving. It was more of "bitin" so we ordered another dish. 

After eating samgyeopsal, since I wasn't full that time, we also ordered the Kimbap (Php100) for 12 pcs. 
This is a Korean dish made from rice and other ingredients rolled in and served in bite slices. Since this is made from rice, I find this dish heavy so 12pcs is really good for sharing. Php100 for 12pcs, a must try! :) 

For dessert we bought this Korean ice cream which I dunno the name since I can't read Hangul. 
But this is like an oreo flavored ice cream sandwhich for Php55. Korean ice cream are very different from our usual ice cream so I find this very yummy. I really really like korean ice cream a lot!! Might drop by again for this! Haha 

Korean water

Overall, I find this Korean restau good, affordable and very accessible to my place. I like that I can easily go to their place especially when I badly crave for Korean dishes. Recommended for those who wanna try Korean dishes and those who love Korean foods. :) 
Kim Chee (09.23.16 updates) 
During the Zomato ✘ AbsCbn food crawl, Kim Chee Korean Cuisine was the 2nd restaurant we went to. Been here last year and had a great time dining here.
During my 2nd visit here, together with foodies like me, I was able to taste more from this yummy Korean restautant located in Marikina. Won't elaborate much of what we ate but I think ALL of the dishes served to us that day were sooo good!! 
The Kim Bap is sooo good too given the price. The ice cream given made us all giddy and excited. Haha For me, this is still one of the best Korean restaurant in town. 

Thanks again Zomato and Kim Chee Korean Cuisine for this experience :)

Kim Chee Korean Cuisine 
Located at: GF C&B Circle Mall Extension, Liwasang Kalayaan Avenue, Marikina Heights Marikina City Phone num: +63 9330920180 
Opens at: Mon-Sun 10AM - 10PM 

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