Baguio Day 3 : Summary of Baguio Experience

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Nothing much happened during day 3 since we weren't able to go elsewhere except for the bus terminal only. :(

We woke up early that day, around 7-8am. I was able to vlog in our room, a mini haul of what I bought from the Harrison night Market which I already posted at the Harrison Night Market post. :)
We already bought tickets at Victory Liner the night before to avoid the long line (and being a chance passenger again). We got a 1pm ticket on an ordinary aircon bus since the deluxe were all booked a few days before we went there. We checked out at around 10am and went to look for a taxi near the jeep terminal in Loakan. 

We should have checked out earlier as I was surprised to see few taxis on the place. We waited until 11 or 11:30am until we decided to ride a jeepney instead. I'm not really familiar with the route of jeepneys in Baguio but we decided to ride it anyway. We were planning to get off at Plaza (as the signage of the jeepney) and to ride a taxi going to Victory Liner. There was a huge traffic that time since most of the tourists are also going back to Manila that day. Anyway, good thing that the jeep we rode passed by Victory Liner. 

We arrived at the bus terminal at around 12pm. While waiting, we took our lunch on the 2nd floor with the food stalls. At around 1pm, we were already on the bus bound to Cubao terminal. Travel time was 6 1/2 hours from Baguio. 

Sharing with you also our Itinerary during our 3 days, 2 nights stay in Baguio City. 

Day 1 
4:30AM - Arrived at Victory Liner Cubao 
8AM - Departure from Victory Liner Cubao 
2:30PM/3PM - Arrived at Victory Liner Baguio 
3:30PM - Arrived at Kim's Transient House in Loakan 
4PM/4:30 PM- Mini shoot at Loakan Airport 
5-6:30PM - Dinner at Canto in Ketchup Food Community 
7PM- Stroll at Wright Park 
8PM - Went back at our transient house 
9PM - Sleep 

Day 2 
9AM - Woke up 
11AM/12NN - Brunch at Ummason Mother's Hand 
2PM - Stroll along Leonard Wood 
2:30PM - Laperal White and Baguio Bamboo Exhibit 
3:30PM - Mines View Park, bought pasalubongs 
4:30PM - Wright Park & The Mansion 
5:30PM - 6PM - Mini shoot at Loakan Airport 
6:30PM - dropped off pasalubong's at transient house 
8PM - Bought tickets at Victory Liner 
9PM - Stroll at Session Road 
9:30PM - Dinner at Pizza Volante 
10PM - Starbucks Session Road 
10:30PM onwards - Shopping at Harrison Night Market 

Day 3 
7AM - Woke up 
10AM - Check out at Kim's Transient 
12PM - Arrived at Victory Liner, lunch 
1PM - Departure from Victory Liner Baguio 
7:30PM - Arrived at Victory Liner Cubao 

Sharing also the funny things I realized when I was in Baguio. 

1. Taxi drivers in Baguio normally drives fast. We went home at around 8pm during our day 2 stay and I remembered being scared to death when the taxi driver started to drives fast in the middle of the cliffs despite the zigzag roads and it was a night time!! It made me hold on to my seat and pray that we'll get home safely. I just told myself that maybe it's a normal thing and the taxi drivers knew what they're doing. It was then during the day 2 that I realized that maybe all taxi drivers in Baguio normally drives fast. Oh well. I didn't know it was normal to drive fast in Baguio. Haha 

2. Taxi drivers will ALWAYS give you the change no matter what, even if it's Php1. That's one thing I like about the taxi drivers in Baguio. They never fail to give us the change. 

3. I just found that if you're car plate starts with an "A", it means that your car is registered from the North Luzon area. Amazing. Haha 

4. There are lots of cross breed dogs everywhere. 

5. I find it weird that once we go to a place, people would start to come in a few minutes after we arrive. (Happened at Canto, Ummason, when we bought strawberries) 

6. And the best part of that, I discovered that the makeup I put on my face lasts ALL DAY. During the day 2 in Baguio, I put on my makeup at around 9AM and went back to the transient house around 6PM. And also, during that 8-9hours, I only retouched my lipstick once after we ate at Ummason around 2pm. I just checked my makeup/face when we got back at our transient house around 7pm. And guess what, I didn't oiled up that much. Yay!!! I also noticed that my face wasn't that oily or greasy even in my photos. In Manila, just and hour after I put on my make, usually my face starts to oil up and get shiny. But in Baguio, kahit no retouch pak na pak ang makeup ALL DAY! :) 

Here's a video of my day 3 in Baguio. 

Grabe! It's the first time that I was able to explore and enjoy Baguio even it's just for 3 days. I still have lots of places I wanna visit and restaurants I wanna dine. I plan to comeback here mid this year so avoid the crowd. Haha Let's see.. 

I hope you did enjoyed reading my posts about my Baguio trip :) Thank you so much :)

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