My First Zomato Foodie Meetup Experience

by - 3/07/2016 05:00:00 PM

Hurray to my first Zomato meetup with other foodie lovers last February 23 at Buenismo by Cafe Ysabel, near Tomas Morato.

Before I share my experience on my first foodie meetup, lemme share with you first how Zomato has been part of my food journey :) 

I first started my food hopping in 2014, as the now famous Marikina foodie spot, Lilac St., was just starting out. Until on mid-2014, I noticed that I have already tried most of the foodie spot on the place as we were searching for new spots instead. That time, I already had a 3 year personal blog on Tumblr. It was around July/August when I first started the foodtrip reviews on my blog. Until 2015, when I first discovered Zomato. 

Thankfully, Zomato helped me alot especially when discovering new places to eat. I love to eat a lot but I make sure that everything I eat are on the budget. As I always say, I make sure to check the menu and reviews first before going to a new food spot. On that part, Zomato is a BIG help. 

I've been sharing my reviews on Zomato since 2015 and actually, I was already invited for a foodie meetup last year. That time, I don't regularly check my emails as I wasn't expecting any important emails yet. Imagine my excitiment when I read that there was a "Zomato foodie meetup" near my place!!! But unfortunetly, I read that email on the day itself. I was too late :( 

Since then, I always check my emails on a regular basis. Until a few weeks ago, Ms. Trisha from the Zomato team emailed me for a Zomato Foodie Meetup. Yay! But since it was on MOA, too far from my place, I wasn't able to come. Until few days ago, she emailed me again for a foodie meetup, quite accessible to my place. 

Zomato foodie meetup was held at Buenisimo by Cafe Ysabel at Sct. Tuazon near Tomas Morato. 
The dinner was supposed to start at 6PM so I came early at around 5:30PM. And I was the first one! Haha 

Anyway, the people started to come already until around 7pm already. So here it is. I was quite nervous but so excited to come at my first foodie meetup with other Zomato foodies. Old foodies as well as newbies like me, came to the dinner meetup. Everyone was introduced as we shared some stories and things about ourselves. It's quite refreshing to hear different food experiences from other foodies as well. It was also fun to see people sharing the same passion as mine. Everyone was taking a photo whenever there's a new food served. Our taste buds are different from each other so hearing other comments from foodies like me helps me a lot with my unbiased food reviews. 

At the end of the night, we were given freebies from Zomato (a Zomato tumbler) and Buenisimo by Cafe Ysabel (fragrance). 

Being with other foodie lovers and critiques inspired me to improve my food reviews and be more active with the foodie community. Such a nice experience to share my passion with other people as well as meeting new people which is quite exciting. 

Hope this'll be a great start of my new and improved food journey and reviews :) 

**Btw, I'll be making a separate food review of this restaurant next on my blog post.

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  1. I can still remember my first zomato foodie meetup, sobrang saya!

  2. Ayiiii! Always fun nga ang mga zomato foodie meet ups! :-)