FOODTRIP(78): Buenisimo by Cafe Ysabel

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Last February 24, I was invited by Zomato at Buenisimo by Cafe Ysabel near Tomas Morato in QC. 

Buenisimo by Cafe Ysabel is owned by celebrity chef, Chef Gino Gonzales, son of Chef Gene Gonzales which is the owner of the famous Cafe Ysabel. They cater Italian-Spanish dishes

As usual, I've already done my research of this restaurant a few days before we had this meetup. And looking from a far, this restaurant looks a bit expensive for my taste. Good thing, Zomato invited us to Buenisimo by Cafe Ysabel last Wednesday (Feb 24). 

Upon entering, you'll be welcomed with their award as one of The Best Restaurants in 2016

Place is very spacious and they have the perfect ambiance for meetings and dates with your love ones. 
This wasn't included on the list of foods given to us but this looks delish! :)
A list of menu was given to us. I'm not really familiar with the names of the foods listed but I had high expectations when the dishes started to be placed on the table. 

For starters we were given Lengua with Crispy Garlic (Php218)
- I usually don't eat lengua since it's a beef tongue!! I'm not sure if I've tried lengua before but I find Buenisimo's lengua surprisngly good! It was very soft and tasty for me. What I didn't like was the price of Php218 for a small plate. 

Next is Pastrami (Php348) 
- Honestly, I'm not familiar with what a Pastrami was but according to my research Pastrami is a meat usually made of beef or sometimes pork. Fan of white sauce, creamy dishes and of course, cheese! So I was delighted to see this dish served to us. The meat along with the sauce was really good! I just find the toasted bread too hard to slice and chew. 

The last appetizer served was Double Pepperoni Pizza (Php438)
- In fairness, it was more of an overloaded pepperoni pizza on a thin crust. I find this good but nothing extraordinary. 

For main course, we were served a lot starting with the Angry Sauce (Php378/628)
- Not a fan of tomato paste nor spicy dishes but hey, this is quite different. This pasta dish isn't that spicy for me and the flavor was very distinct so yup, I liked this one. 

Truffled Mac & Cheese (Php588)
- I'm a big fan of cheese so I really liked this dish. Very tasty and cheesy. 

Salmon with Passionfruit, Hollandaise & Sous Vide Egg (Php528) 
- Whew. The salmon was very soft and I like how to eggs were cooked. For the passion fruit flavor, I wasn't able to taste that. 

Bacon Steak with 65-degree Egg with Wild Mushroom Ragout 
- I'm like salty foods a lot haha, but sorry for this one. This one's too salty. I even find the sauce too salty. 

Crackling Pork Ribs (Php448)
- This dish comes with the gravy, garlic bits and raspberry gelatin to which I find really good as the combination with the Crackling Pork Ribs. I also liked the presentation though. 

For desserts, we were given Creme Brulee Sampler (mango, original and dulce de leche) (Php248)
- Their creme brulee is very smooth and it just melts on your mouth. I liked mango and original the best. 

And lastly, we were also given Chocnut Cheesecake (Php238) for dessert. 
- From the presentation itself to the soft and yummy taste of their cheesecake, this was really the best for me. 

For the drinks, we had a chance to choose what drinks to be served.
Buenisimo! (Php190/230)

Watermelon Shake (Php150/200)

Buenisimo's White Chocolate Shake (Php148)

I ordered their Coffee Caramel Slush (Php195). 
- Most of us find most of the shakes served too sweet. I also find this too sweet for my taste. And I think it's kinda expensive for the price of Php195/glass.

Overall, most of the meals were good and the quality of foods were there. Though I find this restaurant a bit pricey for my taste, I will recommend this to those who wants to go on business meetings, dates or if you wanna treat your fam. Not my usual go to but will come back to this place for special occasions. 

Buenisimo by Cafe Ysabel 
Located at: 24-C Scout Tuazon corner Scout Lozano St. Diliman Quezon City 
Phone number: 02 246 9069 ext 102 
Opens at: 7:30AM-11PM 
Buenisimo by Cafe Ysabel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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