Baguio Day 1 Adventure - Victory Liner, Kim's Transient, Loakan Airport, Canto

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**Disclaimer: This will be a very long post regarding my 3 day adventure / vacation at Baguio :)

Finally went to Baguio a few weeks ago for my post Birthday celebration. Been planning this trip since last year but due to different schedules, we weren't able to push through until this February. Since I don't usually celebrate my Birthday, this was the perfect time for a celebration. This was also the first time that I got really excited on my birthday. :)


We went at Victory Liner in Cubao at around 4:30am to catch the earliest trip to Baguio but to our dismay, we saw a long line going to Baguio at that early ! It was a long weekend and I wasn't able to foresee that. The next earliest trip was at 8am. Well, we didn't have any choice but to buy the 8am ticket and lined up for the chance passenger lane just in case we catch an earlier trip. (I remember as my friend told me weeks before this trip that I should already bought/reserve a ticket beforehand to avoid being a chance passenger just in case. Well, I already went to Baguio twice and based on my experience, I was able to take the next bus available. I should have listened to my friend. Haha). Anyway, we didn't make it to an earlier trip as lots of people were queuing for the chance passenger lane. We still end up taking the 8am bus going to Baguio.

Just enjoying the clouds in the sky :)

After 2 stop overs (in Tarlac and Pangasinan) and a 6-7 hours trip, we arrived in Baguio Victory Liner at around 3pm. We Immediately took a taxi going to our transient house in near Loakan airport. We already reserved a room at Kim's transient house near Loakan airport a few weeks before. They are 10-15 minutes away from the town and taxi fares going to the place from Victory Liner are around Php80-100 depending on the traffic.

Just wanna share a story on how I came to know their transient house. Last January, I searched for an affordable places to stay in Baguio in the internet.  Saw Kim's Transient House in one of the list of the most affordable places to stay in Baguio. They have lots of houses and rooms to stay. One of their place is the 4 storey house with different rooms which we avail. We booked a room with 3 days, 2 nights of stay. They actually require Php 500 deposit on their bank account then the remaining has to paid when you arrive. I was able to exchange pm's on Facebook with the owner and she's really nice and very patient with my queries.

Upon arrival, she met us in front of the gate and led us to our room in the 2nd floor. There were 4 rooms and a common restroom in the place we stayed in. Ms. Joyce (my contact person from Kim's Transient) asked for the remaining balance and a deposit of P 300 for the keys. 

(Photo grabbed from their Facebook account)

The room assigned to us includes a queen sized bed, pillows, comforter, cabinets, hangers, and a tv. There are also outlets for electronics. No electric fan though. (Who even needs a fan in Baguio? Haha). The room had a big window in which you can open in case it gets a bit warm inside the room. Yes, during the afternoon or near lunch time, the room gets a bit (just a tiny bit) warmer than the outside since we opted to close the windows for safety purposes.

(Photo grabbed from their Facebook account)

If you're not that choosy and want to stay in a small decent room in Baguio, I highly recommend Kim's Transient House. My contact person in Kim's Transient was Ms. Joyce who was very accommodating to us. Please do check out their Facebook here:

Anyway, after a few minutes of rest and retouches (haha), we left the place at around 5pm to eat. As we walked going to the main road, we stopped by the Loakan Airport as it has a nice-airport-in-a-mountain-view. Wasn't aware that they have a working airport in Baguio. 

Of course, I can't miss not having a photo at this kind of place so I did. :)

Then we went at Canto in Ketchup Food Community near Wright Park for our dinner. Ketchup Food Community is a one of the famous foodie spot in Baguio which features 5 different restaurants to dine. We chose to eat at Canto as I read lots of positive reviews of their restau online.

**I'll be making separate blog posts regarding what/where we ate at Baguio. :)

After our dinner at Canto, at around 7pm, we slowly climbed at the famous hundred steps going up the Wright Park. Nothing fancy to see at night, we went back at our transient home at around 7:30pm. We slept early that day as we needed energy for our next day adventures.

I made a video of my Day 1 stay in Baguio my Youtube channel :) Here:

And that sums up my Baguio Day 1 Adventure :)

Please stay tuned for my next posts regarding my Baguio Day 2 Adventure (highlight of the trip) as well as the places we ate and went to. Thank you! :) 

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