27 Things I've Learned In My 27 Years of Existence

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I can't believe that tomorrow (February 4), I'll be turning 27 already. For the past years, I always have this habit of posting things I "want" on my Birthday. But a few years ago, as I grow up, I learned that some things can never really be bought. In my almost 27 years of existence, life had been filed with challenges, changes and drama.


As I embark my new journey as a 27 year old lady, this time let me share with you 27 things I've learned as I grow up.

1. Not everyone is going to like me but it's really okay. Growing up, I used to receive hate comments/posts which somehow, honestly affected me. But I learned that it's part of life. Not everyone's gonna like you/me so why bother when I can be myself.

2. Health is one of my major priorities. Growing up, my mom always took us to our doctor for checkup and especially when we get sick. We take our vaccine/boosters regularly until teenage years. I didn't realize how important it is to invest on health until I got really sick a few years ago. Now that I'm getting older already (sounds like I'm really too old haha), I already realize the true meaning of "Health is wealth". Spending for to prevent an illness or a disease is really healthy.

3. I learned to avoid junk foods or fast foods since a few years ago. I always want veggie or fruits for a healthy diet.

4. I realized that my metabolism is turning slow as I grow older. I used to be skinny for almost my whole life but lately, I can already see fats slowly building up on my arms, stomach and abdomen. My old jeans and shorts which I just bought a few years ago are already too tight to use. It may not look like I'm gaining fats but yea, I have lots of hidden fats. Work out soon? Haha

5. Caffeine has been a part of my life. Started to drink coffee since 21. Now, can't live without it.

6. Learned to drink  A LOT of water. I didn't appreciate that when I was younger but drinking water 7 glasses or more in a day is refreshing.

7. It's okay to make mistakes. I believe that mistakes made who we are today.

8. I learned to avoid wearing shorts when I go out at night. A few years ago I was really confident in wearing shorts but since when I go out, I usually go home late so I'm really avoiding wearing of shorts instead I usually just wear jeans when I go out.

9. I learned to do things on my own. Years before, I used to ask someone to always accompany me to do this or to that. But growing up, I learned to be independent and not to depend on others. I learned to go to find a job on my own, process my own requirements and meet new people. These are few things I fear when I was younger.

10. I learned to hoard things! Haha I usually buy my own food, drinks, toiletries, medicines, etc so I usually I buy 2-3 pieces of the items to save me from buying on my next pay out. Haha And it also gives me that satisfaction upon seeing the stuffs I hoard and needed on the next few months.

11. Alarms are my best friends. I actually have 2 alarms to wake me up, my normal alarm and my phone alarm in case I didn't wake up from the first alarm.

12. I learned that my mom was right about everything. Haha Yes, it's true that you'll only appreciate your mom of what the elders says when you get older. Haha

13. I begin to realize the things my elder family members told me when I was younger.

14. Seek inspiration and work it out. I really want to start an informative blog but I know, writing in English is not my forte. But still, I wanna reach out to more readers but I'm more comfortable in writing in Tagalog. Haha So please, bear with my English and lapses. (I do have lots of grammar errors that I only got to read after a few weeks or even months when I read back my posts.). Lately, I've been watching vlogs and reading blogs which has been life long goals to do. I've been blogging since high school but it's more of a personal one. I just started an informative blog last 2014 for my food trip experiences. I'm also very inspired to do vlogs. I'm not yet into vlogging as I still feel shy doing it in public but I do make videos when I'm out with my friends. Let's see this year :)

15. I learned to accept the things I regret doing in the past and grow from it.

16. I value friendships a lot but some friendships are not meant to last. I know, I've hurt a lot people in the past and I do regret it. There are actually a lot of old friends I've lost friendships with because of confusion or things I didn't mean to say. There are people who I still I wanna be friends with up to now but seem that they already grew distant at me. Well, I still tried reaching out to them since I really do value my friendship with them but to no avail. I'm not losing hope but I believe that someday, when the right time comes, hopefully they'll reach out again even just for once. I'm harmless! Haha

17. You realize who you REAL friends are. Growing up, you learn to know the friends who sticks by your side no matter what. I learn to categorize my friends as acquaintance, friends, guy friends, close friends, best friends and barkada forever. Haha Knowing who your real friends are over the years are a blessing.

18. Sleeping for a longer period of time is a blessing! Haha I remember being scolded for not sleeping in the afternoon when I was younger. Now's the time that I really do appreciate having more hours to sleep longer. I usually count the number of hours of my sleep especially when I have work. I'm very particular with 5-8 hours of sleep on my work days so that's one of the reasons I seldom go out after shift because I'd rather sleep than go out. Haha

19. I learned to say NO to things I really don’t like. When I was younger, I was very shy and naïve. But growing up, I learned to overcome that fear of saying “NO” or rejecting people in a nice way. I learned to speak up when needed to.

20. I learned to constantly find myself in this busy world. A few years ago, I came to the point where I was contemplating of who really am I or what do I really want in life. I'm a type of person who easily gets bored and wants constant change in life. And yes a few years ago, I was this active cosplayer then suddenly I stopped. Not because I got bored but because I was more focused on my career than my hobbies. Then also a few years ago, I had this "rebel girl" thing going on with the dates and chillling out, as if I wanna prove something. Then I settled. As of now, I avoid chill nights or drinks unless it's really a gathering or a party. I seldom drink this past few years already. See, I always change. Haha I still have lots of same stories to tell but the point is, I learned to accept that I'm a type of person that wants change. I'm also the type of person who changes her mind easily, even in a snap. Yes, just like that. I already tried changing that but it's really hard. Haha So I learned to accept that because it's the real me.

21. Things doesn't always have to be focused on love. I grew up doing things on my own. Yes, it's fun to do things with someone but it doesn't have to be like that. Being independent on your own is already good. I learned to do things I love and explore the world alone. When the right guy comes, then that's better.

22. I learned that marriage isn't really a priority right now. Haha I mean, when I was younger I originally planned to get married by the age of 27. Yes, 27. At this point in time, you see your friends getting engaged, have bridal showers, get married and starts a family. And then you suddenly feel the pressure coming! Haha But it's okay. I already learned to accept that the right time and right person will come. And yes, I learned to accept that " focus sa career" nalang muna :)

23. Learned not to rush things and wait for God's perfect timing for everything.   

24. I learned to spend money wisely. It may looked like I spend too much but really, I don't. I learned to differentiate my "wants" and "needs". Whenever I buy stuffs, I ALWAYS ask myself if a need or just want this or that item. Talk about prioritizing.

25. I learned to think about death. Creepy as it may sounds but sometimes I think about how everyone will go through that process of life. I'm in my quarter life already then I'll be 30 after a few more years. Then 40..50..60.. Life is really fast. It really sounds scary that's why I wanted to really make most out of my life.

26. I learned that's never too late to follow your dreams. There are still a lot of things I wanted to do as I grow up. Some people may thing that getting older will deprive you things you really wanted to do. There are a lot of things I plan to do this year so hopefully I'll be able to do that.

27. Life isn't like the way we pictured it to be but it doesn't mean that we stop envisioning the life we wanted to have. I learned to never stop dreaming and believing that things will still go the way as I planned to be. Maybe not now but surely on the years to come.

Of course, there are still material things I want to buy or even receive but right now but I'm more focused on achieving my future goals than any material things.

I've learned a lot during my 26 years and still looking forward to more learning as I turn 27 on the 4th :) I really don't celebrate my birthday so I have no plans yet. But let's hope for the best. :)

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