Baguio FOODTRIP(73): Canto at Ketchup Food Community

by - 2/16/2016 12:30:00 PM

Sharing with you today another foodtrip away from the Metro. During my stay in Baguio, I was able to eat at different foodie spots around the town. Of course, I can't miss foodie spots even out of town :) 

On my Baguio Day 1 adventure we ate our dinner at Canto at Ketchup Food Community. Ketchup Food Community is a foodie spot in Baguio which features 5 different restaurants to dine. We chose to eat at Canto as I read lots of positive reviews of their restau online. 

Canto is one of the most popular restau among others and is famous for their lomo ribs. Good thing we arrived here at around 6pm and there were lots of seats still available. Imagine just after 10-15 minutes, people were already lining up just to eat here. 

The place is a bit small and can get too crowded. But it's okay since I was really after the food and not the ambiance. Haha There was also a mini stage on the corner where a man with a saxophone played something for us while we ate. 

Here's their menu: 

Here's what we ordered: 

Beef Kelby (Php 160) 
"Stir fried beef strips served with vegetables salad, nori rice, topped with egg" 

- Not my meal but was able to taste this one. The taste was a bit flavorful but kinda nothing extraordinary. Servings were big. 

Canto Burger (Php 160) 
"1/4 kilo homemade beef patty classic burger with cheese sauce served with shie string potatoes" 

- Nothing really distinct about the taste but what I like about this burger is that they gaves us generous amounts of lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. Di ka tinipid sa ingredients. :) This 1/4 kilo of burger was really huge for the price of Php160. I was already full after this meal. 

Mallow Puff (Php 130) 
"A big scoop of vanilla ice cream with brownie bits, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, roasted marshmallows and a cherry on top" 

- They were really serious when they meant "a big scoop of vanilla ice cream" as the serving size was good for two. You can actually eat it alone but with the cooly temperature outside, I doubt if you can finish this alone. Haha The combination of the vanilla ice cream together with the brownie bits, whipped cream, roasted marshmallows and the chocolate syrup at the bottom are mouth watering. This is a bit sweet for me but if you're a sweet lover, you'll definitely enjoy this dessert. The customers beside us even ask us the name of this dessert as they said they wanna order this too. :) 

Mukha ako malungkot dito pero hindi.. busog na ako nyan! haha

Actually, I wasn't able to finish this alone since I was really feeling cold due to my outfit/top. I was wearing a sheer long sleeve top, bravely left the jacket at our transient house. Didn't know that in Baguio, it starts to get colder at around 6PM. ('Coz I remembered not wearing a jacket most of the time, the last the time I visited Baguio). 

We weren't able to taste the lomo ribs they had, the reason they are famous for. :( 

With the place and the serving size they have, definitely one of the most recommended food spots in Baguio you can't miss. :) 

Canto in Ketchup Food Community 
Located at: Romulo Drive Baguio City (near Wright Park) 

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