Baguio FOODTRIP(74): Ummason Korean Restaurant

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During our 2nd day in Baguio, we had our brunch at Ummason Mother's Hand, just a few blocks from 50’s Diner.

While going at the restau we were supposed to dine in, we saw this korean restau along the road. It was 12nn already and were were too hungry to look for other restaurants. Without knowing the price or reviews about this, we decided to try Ummason Mother's Hand for lunch.

Place was spacious and can accommodate big groups for dine in. It was also a bit warmer inside than outside. There was a group of customers when we came at the place. Menu was immediately handed to us upon seating.

**This was actually my first time trying a legit/authentic Korean foods. The Korean owners were even there to assist us.

While waiting, we were given water that tastes very distinct. We asked the staff as to why the water had a different taste. According to them, the water served was a Korean water. It actually tasted like water with a bit of tea.

Then one by one, our food were placed on the BIG table.


We ordered the Unlimited Samgyeopsal for Php299 per head. And we were really overwhelmed by this unlimited meat cooked in front of us. According to the staff we talked with, their offering pork meat for samgyeopsal.

After grilling, the meat is cut into smaller pieces. Then we took the lettuce on our hand, put the veggies and other stuffs we like then wrapped it. There a proper way to stuff it in your mouth, buti nalang I watch always Korean shows kundi mukha kami ignorant dun haha. You can stuff in your mouth what you just wrapped or stuff it in your friends mouth para sweet like in Koreanovelas. Haha

Anyway, I really like the sauce along with this dish. It made the dish very flavorful. I really really really enjoyed this meal.

Below is the Doenjang jjigae, a stew like Korean dish which was served along with the Samgyeopsal. 

I'm not sure what this dish consists of but according to my research, this is made of veggies, tofu and fermented soybean paste. This is new to my taste and I like it a lot especially the tofu which is really soft and it just melts on your mouth.

Honestly, I forgot the name of this Korean dish. :( 

But even so, this rice dish is sooo heavenly! I'm not sure if it was because we were soooo hungry that time but the rice and the toppings were a good combination for me.

I included clips from Ummason Korean Restaurant on my Baguio Day 2 video on my Youtube channel. Check it out~

After 2 hours of eating, 2 refills of meat, Tofu stew and the dish I forgot the name, we gave up as we were soooo full!

Trying out this authentic Korean restaurant made my Baguio stay more memorable as eating for our brunch here was really sulit! I haven't tried other Korean restau in Manila but I think their foods really tasted good.

I'll definitely visit here again when I go back at Baguio :))

Ummason Mother's Hand Korean Restaurant
Located at: 111 Jungle Town Baguio City (just a few blocks away from 50's Diner)
Phone number: 070-8639-4710 // 0927 785 8533

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