Aconcept Triple Full Cover Corrector + Concealer Review

by - 12/28/2018 12:00:00 PM

I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT CONCEALER!!! Having an acne prone skin means it having red marks and dark spots which I honestly find hard to remove. Using a concealer is a MUST for me for that flawless looking skin. Plus badly needed something to cover the scars from my recent breakouts.

Just in time! I recently discovered the Triple Full Cover Corrector + Concealer from the brand AConcept.  This concealer claims to cover up dark circles, flush, freckles and pores. It's creamy and sticks well while providing real cover texture. It also has Jojoba Oil to easily apply the product plus nourishes the skin. It brightens up the skin and claims to lasts up to 10 hours! 

The packaging comes in a box while the product itself has a sturdy white container. This comes in 3 shades. 
Green - cover your flush 
Peach - cover your dark-circles
Skin - cover your pore, freckles

The product is very handy and can easily fit any kikay pouch. It weighs for 32g and priced for Php760. 

The Green one helps to correct my red marks while applying the Skin one helps to cover up most of my imperfections. The Peach one is a great help to cover up minimal blemishes. It all has a medium coverage and finish.

**PHOTOS when used will be posted soon! 
With it's soft and creamy texture, one can easily apply this on the skin. I love the formula as it glides well for easy application and flawless finish. Product can be a sticky at first but when set well, it can turn to a  matte finish and may lasts up to 8-10 hours for my oily skin. I love that the packaging is simply and handy as I can easily bring this one around. Overall, I love this corrector concealer as it really helps to conceal the red marks and blemishes I have. I've used this a few times now and it's now my fave EVERYDAY concealer. The brand is a bit unfamiliar with me though I'm happy that it didn't cause any breakouts. 

For more info about the AConcept Triple Full Cover Corrector + Concealer, you can head out now to my Hicharis store for more info (and discount!!): 
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