FOODTRIP(169): Ryuma Marikina - Most Affordable Japanese Restaurant Ever!

by - 5/16/2018 12:00:00 PM


A few days ago, I came across a new Japanese restaurant located in Marikina. It's the Ryuma Restaurant which offers the MOST AFFORDABLE Japanese foods ever! I think they have other branches in Pasay and Laguna as well. Glad that they finally invaded the east! 
This restaurant is located at Bayan Bayanan Concepcion Uno in Marikina, just right beside 711 and Infinitea. They're suited at the corner so you may not see it at first. It may also look small outside but there are more tables and chairs inside. They also have an non -air conditioned dining outside. They have 2 security guards outside and 1 more on the entrance. They have a lot of staffs happily assisting their customers. 
Place is actually filled with flowers and lots of colorful Japanese designs. I wasn't able to take a photo of the inside but will do update this once I get back.

Here's the MENU:
Waiting period for our orders were fast  despite reading lots of comments that they have a poor service. We went there at around 4-5 pm during a weekday. There were lots of customers inside. Despite of that, our orders were given to us in about 10 minutes. 

Here's what we order: 
Shio Ramen (Php 50)
- The noodles were firm and the broth was a bit bland for me. 
Buta Kakuni + Yasai Itame (Php 100)
- The meat was tender, savory and yummy. It tastes like adobo. While the Yasai Itame is tastes like chopsuey. 

Gyoza (Php 50)
- Their gyoza was just okay. The meat inside was a bit dry.

Takoyaki (Php 20)
- It was just okay for me as it tastes like flour. There's a weird taste on their sauce as well. It's a good quick fix if you crave for a Takoyaki. Very affordable for 4 pieces!

Okonomiyaki (Php 30)
- Nothing unusual. Their Okonomiyaki taste okay for me. 
Overall, the dining experience was good. The service was superb as their staffs were very attentive to our needs. They have a bell/ringer on the table to easily call their staffs. The foods were just average for me and I think they really need to improve on their best sellers as well. Though who am I to complain since we get what we paid for. It's a good go-to whenever I crave for Japanese foods and when I'm on a tight budget I guess. :)
Ryuma Marikina
Located at: Bayan-Bayanan Avenue, Concepcion Uno, Marikina City 
Opens at: Mon- Sun; 10am - 11pm

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