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I've never become so health conscious until a few years ago. I'm already on my late 20's and I noticed that my metabolism is starting to get slower and fats are now getting into my tummy and arms. I may look so slim but there are hidden fats all over me! Summer's coming up and I got to be beach ready. Wearing a 2 piece swim suit is one of my dream but I just can't since my tummy's huge! Though I'm already planning to start on a diet regimen and exercise to trim down the fats. I'm a bit underweight and honestly, I really don't know what to do. My plan is to exercise, gain more weight, reach my desired weight and then start my diet plan afterwards. The problem is I'm still having a hard time gaining weight since all the fats are just going into my tummy and arms! I can't trim down my foods since I feel so sad whenever I lose weight. Haha With my busy schedule, I can't find time to exercise and I have a sedentary lifestyle. 
Last March 2018, I started doing some exercises and add more rice to my usual meal. Then I started adding a tea to help me reach my desired goal: TO LOOSEN FATS FROM MY TUMMY. 

Let me introduce you Thin Tea which is an all natural, vegan friendly, gluten, dairy, preservative, additive, caffeine and laxative free tea. They  are 100% Australian owned and made. It promotes digestive health which means you'll feel great from the very first sip. 
Other benefits:
*Cleanses and detoxifies
*Burns fat
*Suppresses appetite
*Enhances energy
*Boosts immune system
*Promotes digestive health
*Improves skin health
*Reduces bloating
*Regulates blood sugar levels

I got the 14 Day Detox pack. I believe they also have 28 Day Detox pack and other types of tea. 

1. Detox Blend (with 6 active ingredients)alkalizes, cleanses and detoxifies, reduces bloating (This is taken every morning.)
This first blend helps to alkalize the body and leaves you feeling balanced and refreshed. It contains fennel seed and nettle leaf, which provide antioxidants that can reduce inflammation and even ward off allergies. Meanwhile, marshmallow leaf, dandelion root, and juniper berry work to help your food digest and reduce acidity. It also includes rose petal to help stimulate and harmonize your immune and nervous systems. 
Ingredients:  Organic Fennel Seed, Organic Nettle Leaf, Marshmallow Leaf, Organic Juniper Berry, Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Rose Petal.
Directions: Place 1 teaspoon (2g) of the loose leaf of Detox Blend in a strainer/infuser and then into the cup (250ml) of freshly boiled water for 3-5 minutes. Remove strainer and enjoy.

2. Fat Burn Blend (With 7 active ingredients): speeds up metabolism, suppresses appetite, burns fat (Taken before dinner)
This second blend is designed to be consumed just before you eat dinner. The active ingredients get right to work, boosting your metabolism so your body can burn those calories you’re about to eat faster. It also suppresses your appetite so you won’t be tempted to overeat.
Ingredients: Organic Peppermint, Olive Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Hawthorn Leaf & Flower, Coleus Root, Organic Cinnamon, Ginger Root.
Directions: Place 1 teaspoon (2g) of the loose leaf of Fat Burn Blend in a strainer/infuser and then into the cup (250ml) of freshly boiled water for 3-5 minutes. Remove strainer and enjoy.

Their 3-step process uses two separate blends to help you lose weight and keep it off. 
Step 1: Alkalise your body so it can absorb the nutrients it needs better. 
Step 2: Eliminate harmful toxins from your body. 
Step 3: Speed up your metabolism so you can burn calories faster while keeping hunger at bay.

By the way this comes with a free strainer/infuser which you use for the tea. Got mine in color green though I believe they also have it in pink. 

Though it's a 14 days or 2 weeks worth of tea, take note that the product can last for more than 2 weeks of use. (More than a month for me). 
Watch my video review on my Youtube Channel below:
- No laxatives
- Trims bit of fats from my tummy
- Reduces feeling of bloated 
- Made me "feel good" 
- Detox tea tastes better
- Fast shipping

- Available online

Since I didn't followed their recommended diet plans plus my lifestyle is sedentary, it didn't had any difference on my tummy. But what I like about the product is it really helped reduce my appetite and it helped me FEEL GOOD from within. It also promotes healthy lifestyle and seeing positive reviews online inspired me to start my work out and have a healthy lifestyle. Good diet, proper workout and Thin Tea would make a good combination for those who wants to have a healthy and slim body. 

I want to thank Thin Tea for letting me try this and helping me be inspired to start a healthy lifestyle! For more info about their products, you can check out the links below:
Site || Facebook || Instagram

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Thin Tea. I'm not paid to make this review and the product was sent for me to try. My reviews are based on my own experience so keep in mind that while a product may work for me, it may or may not necessarily work for you. I do hope you find my review helpful since all my reviews are 100% honest.

How about you? Have you tried this one? Or any recommendations you like to share? Pls don't hesitate to leave your comments down below. Hope to hear from you. :) Thanks for reading :)  

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  1. did you find that it was xtremely effective 1-2 weeks, then slowly become immune to it and it didnt work anymore? that's what happened with me