FOODTRIP(51): Papa Pol's Ihaw Ihaw + Crepeman Lilac

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Been passing at Papa Pol’s along Lilac St for a few times but never had the chance to try their foods. While looking for a new place to eat, we decided to try at Papa Pol’s a few days ago.
Place is simple, small and equipt with electric fans. My first impression seems like it was an upgraded carenderia.

Looking at their menu, I think foods are quite affordable and “swak sa budget”. 

Here’s the menu: (grabbed from

Foods ordered are yet to be grilled so waiting time is around 10-15 minutes. No plates served since table will be covered with a banana leaf. You can use hand on eating or you can ask for a spoon and fork instead. 

Here’s what we ordered:
Liempo (Php80)
Sisig (Php130)
Rice (Php15)
Sprite 8oz (Php15)
I was amazed by the big servings they had for the sisig. Though taste wasn’t that impressive and I was looking for an egg along with it. I wish next they’ll have the sisig with an egg :(

The pork liempo was simple and dry. I wish they sautéed it more for an added taste.

There was an “umay” factor since the 2 dishes almost tastes the same. I wish we ordered side dishes for appetizers.
Overall, though I wasn’t that quite happy with what we ate I think I still wanna come back at their place sometime to try other dishes. I want to try their Talong with Bagoong and Salmon Belly Sinigang :)) Well maybe, someday :)

Papa Pol’s Ihaw Ihaw 
Located: Rainbow Corner Lilac St SSS Village Marikina City
Phone number: 02 3447126

After eating at Papa Pol’s, we went at Crepeman in Lilac St for a dessert. 
I already went here a lot of times since last year but wasn’t able to blog.

I remembered being fascinated by crepes every time there were crepe stands in our school in college. Image how happy am I when I first found out that there was a new Crepe stand in the neighborhood :))

Crepeman offers lots of different kind of crepes from their Sweet Crepes to Savory Crepes. I can’t seem to choose what tastes best as both are deliciously good!

I have tried a lot of crepes from Crepeman but here’s what we ordered that time:

Chaos (Mango, Banana, Peaches, Choco Spread, Whipped Cream and kisses) Php 110
- I love how the texture of their crepe was, crunchy and good. The combination of the different kind of sweetness of all the fruits and chocos included was the best! The servings was big that I actually took home what’s left. Price is affordable and reasonable.

Definitely recommended for sulit desserts to try at Lilac St :)
Located at: 56-B Lilac Street, Hacienda Heights, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City
Phone Number: 02 9456717
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