FOODTRIP(56): Sano Ramen

by - 11/23/2015 05:11:00 PM

This is the Part II of my foodtrip with Jumi and Chad.

Hello this newly opened affordable ramen house in Marikina! Sano Ramen offers the best ramen and some Japanese foods in the market. Read a lot of positive reviews on this so we went to try their ramen for the first time.

We actually went there at around 3pm but it was closed. Wasn’t aware that they have different opening & closing time. They are open 11AM-3PM and 5PM-11PM.

From Caprisserrie, we walked going to Sano Ramen at around 5PM. We were the actually the first customers that arrived. Place is simple and spacious. Waiters and even the cook were very friendly

Here’s the handed menu:

Here’s other menu as can be seen on the counter:

Here’s what we ordered:

Sano Shio Ramen (Php175)
- Shio ramen is salt based but this tastes more like soy sauce. Haha Anyway, the ramen is light and very tasty.

Sano Shoyu Ramen (Php195)
- Shoyu ramen is soy based but this one’s orange colored (because of the spicy flavor, I guess). According to Jumi this tastes more like sesame seeds based. Haha I believe their shoyu ramen is the most flavorful and spicy one. I also think this tastes the best.

Miso Ramen (Php195)
- Miso ramen is soybean paste but this one tastes more like garlic flavored.
- I think the noodles are very thick and wavy. I’m not sure if this tastes authentic but the thickness and firmness of their noodle was more than okay with me :)
- Toppings given was just enough for me.

Gyoza 12pcs (Php175)

- Their gyoza is also good and affordable for 12pcs!! :))

Overall, I think I have found a nice ramen spot in Marikina. Place is cozy, food is super okay. Will definitely bring more friends and highly recommended!! :)

Sano Ramen
Located at: 88 Gen Ordonez St corner Lakandula St Concepcion Dos Marikina City
Opens: 11AM - 2PM & 5PM - 11PM, Tues-Sun

Stay tuned for the Part III of my food trip with Jumi and Chad :)

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