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Tired of your usual hair style? I do. That’s why recently I just bought a new curling rod online. But before I discuss my first impressions on this curling rod, let me share with you something about my hair. :)
I’ve been sporting a wavy but mostly semi straight hair since last year. But don’t get fooled since my hair isn’t naturally straight. Wuuuuut! Haha Honestly, I was born with a naturally curly hair. During my puberty days, my hair became straight at the top then wavy at the middle part then curly at the bottom. My hair stayed like that until a few years ago.
(Photo of my natural curly hair yearssssss ago)
My current hair’s unmanageable, dry, brittle and lifeless due to constant hair dyeing since a year ago. I also iron my hair almost every day since if I don’t iron it, my hair will be very dry and unmanageable. My natural curls are also gone. (I think maybe because my hair’s longer now. (Short/medium/layered hair made my curls appear)

Then a few months ago, I came across a legit online shop selling curling rods on Instagram. Feedbacks are positive that’s why I got so curious. After a few weeks of battling whether to buy it or not, I actually gave in. Got this very nice 32mm Dodo Curling Rod at @ateliermanille Instagram. Do visit them as they sell very nice curling rods. 

This 32MM Dodo Curling Rod comes with a box, instruction manuals and gloves.
This curling rod is very easy to use so I’m gonna teach you on how to use it based on how I do I think I do it haha

1. Switch on your Dodo Curling Rod by pressing this switch then wait for about 2-3 minutes.  I’m actually amazed by how fast this curling rod heats.

2. First, start separating your hair into sections. For me, I separated my hair starting from the button up to the top. 
3. Wear your gloves on your non dominant hand. Use your dominant hand for holding the curling rod.
4. Select a section of your hair and wrap it around the barrel. Hold it for about 10-15 seconds and allow the wand to slip. 
**TIP: Always hold the barrel away from your face
5. Allow the curls to cool first for about 5-10 seconds seconds before releasing. You can even use hairpins to keep the curls in place.
** TIP: I saw this photo about techniques on how to curl your hair. This looks nice.
6. Continue as desired.
7. Style and spray them to keep the curls at place.
** I use this Monea Curling Lotion to keep my curls in place (will do separate blog post for this one)

Honestly, I did struggle just a tiny bit when I first used this since I haven’t held this kind of curling rod before. But after watching tutorials and a few practice, I kind of learned how to do it.

Though it doesn’t have the heat level indicator, the maximum heat it has gave my hair a nice manageable big curls that lasts all day. I find it very amusing that you won’t really wait too long for the curling rod to take its maximum heat (you can already use it after 2-3 minutes).

Sharing videos of my How to Use 32MM Dodo Curling Rod and the new curls :) 

Overall, I think I have made a good purchase of the Dodo Curling Rod. 32mm Dodo Curling Rod can be bought at @ateleriemanille Instagram for Php1700 :)
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